Saturday, April 30, 2011

All work and no play - boring!

Wow. It's been like forever since I posted here! Life has been all work and no play for weeks now (6, to be exact, thanks for the reminder Janell!) Before spring break, as I mentioned in my last post, a co-worker had surgery and I was asked to take on her duties. Well, I'd filled in for her before, but filling in and doing someone else's job daily for weeks is a completely different deal.

The first two weeks I honestly thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Such long hours and so much stress. I had my own work and then her job, which is attendance secretary. Let me tell you, I hate that job. It's a whirlwind of chaos with kids coming and going and it never stops. Of course, the overtime has been nice. One pay period my overtime came to almost the same amount as my regular pay. But all this work has left me frazzled and tired and I've been sick for a couple of weeks now. I'll be so glad when school is out.

While handling Job 2, I was trying to finish the planning for the trip to Albuquerque with 60 students and 10 adults. Usually, I look forward to planning these trips, but this time it was more complicated because we wanted to do some sight-seeing in the area, including Santa Fe. I was really looking forward to this trip and after I'd seen some of Albuquerque back in September of last year, I couldn't wait to get to Santa Fe.

So, April 6th, we boarded our plane and except for a few lost tickets (before we even boarded), everything was going smoothly. We got there and I picked up the rental car, the buses took the students to their first stop and I followed in the car. One student was not feeling well, so for an hour or so, I sat on the bus with her while everyone else toured the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. One of the teachers came to relieve me so I could make a quick razoo through. Then, they headed over the Old Town and the Albuquerque Museum of  History and Art. I'd already been there, so I headed to the hotel to get us checked in and get room keys. I met the adults later for dinner, then we went to the hotel.

The next two days were spent at the festival which was held at Albuquerque Academy. A lovely school with the most beautiful campus I've ever seen at a school for 6th through 12th grade students. I wish I lived there. To work there would be ideal. The kids were having a great time. I spent a lot of time stuck in the homeroom watching over everyone's stuff. Then Friday afternoon, a student began to complain that she was feeling ill. She said she threw up and felt achy and just lousy. This is one of the reasons I always get a rental car, just in case someone gets sick, we can go to a clinic or to the hotel. So, off we went to the hotel. I got her some stomach meds and Sprite and crackers hoping that would help her feel better.

Saturday morning everyone was getting ready to go to Santa Fe. I went to breakfast and found out that the sick student was still sick. I put someone else in charge of the buses and stayed behind with the patient. I was more than disappointed. I really wanted to cry like a baby. This was the one single thing I had looked forward to all school year and now I wasn't going to get to go.

Anyway, the kids bought me a beautiful pendant made by local craftsmen and the photography teacher gave me a few prints from a couple of the students. The prints mean more to me than anything.

Whew. Long post, huh? I've been so tired that the thought of trying to put together a post that made any sense gave me more stress. And, I feel like my life is so boring right now that I have nothing to say. I read a blog or two and realize that I really do lead a boring life. I haven't even been reading my books lately. I just come  home, eat dinner, veg in front of the TV for an hour and then go to bed. I hate it and while I know it's not forever, it feels like it's forever. And, see, I didn't want to go on like this is a pity-party-post, but it kinda sounds like it.

Not riding my bike, eating sugary/starchy stuff, and being stressed has me feeling crappy and cranky. Come.on.May 27th! School will be out and I can do my own job for a change. I have to get back in the healthy groove soon.

I want to thank those of you that have been checking on me. You all are just the best!

Have a good weekend!