Saturday, January 31, 2009

Key Ingredient - Sleep!!

This past week has been a struggle for me. I didn't want to be a "dieter." I didn't want to exercise and when I did I felt uncoordinated and clumsy and tired out faster than usual. I felt depressed and tried to blame it on hormones. Hummph. I kept asking myself "am I really going to throw in the towel so soon?" I've only lost 15 lbs and need to lose so many more. I've had this vision of myself as a thin, active woman - am I ready to give that up already??

It's no secret that I don't like sleep. I feel like it is a major waste of time. I rarely turn out my light before 12:30 pm and have to get up at 6 am. I like resting (as most couch potatoes do) but the act of sleeping is something I have fought all my life. My mom used to beg me to go to bed when I was younger.

Well, last night I was extremely tired and began to doze while trying to watch a little TV. I fell asleep with my clothes on at 9:30 pm and woke up at 9 am today. Guess what? I felt fantastic! Alert, energized, and in a great mood. Hmmmmm, I thought to myself, how did my attitude change so quickly? What did I do different from the other nights of this week? Oh, I see...I got some sleep!!

I've heard so many reports that sleep is a vital key ingredient to our health. I just didn't want to believe something that simple could make such an impact in how we feel. I did some research (which I love to do on just about anything - love the internet for this tool) and according to this article on a website called losing sleep is a bad, bad thing.

Typical effects of sleep deprivation include:

  • depression

  • heart disease

  • hypertension

  • irritability

  • slower reaction times

  • slurred speech

  • tremors
Now, if this doesn't make me wake up and smell the coffee I don't know what will. I had depression, irritability, and slower reaction times this past week! Trying to diet and exercise was really hard and not just mentally. And in the past I've had these feelings but just thought I was depressed. I knew losing sleep would catch up with me some day, but I've been in denial about just how serious it can be. Sleeping is not a "lazy" thing but in my mind I think I've thought of it that way.

Therefore, as part of my quest for health I am including getting eight hours of sleep as part of my weekly goals. I am too old now to bounce back from lack of sleep. My body just won't tolerate it anymore. So, body, I'm listening and I'm giving you what you need - zzzzzzzz's!

Whew, that was a long one. I'm sure my rant was something many of you already know. I knew it too, but just didn't want to do it. Isn't that what a lot of do with regard to getting healthier? We know what we should eat and that movement is important, we just don't always do it.

Have a great weekend, drink your water, and get some sleep!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Feelin' It

Yesterday felt a little off. I don't really know why. I think it might be due to hormones (sorry if there are any guys reading) as my body seems to be trying to shut that monthly event down (at last!). I tried doing my Wii Fit workout and after 20 minutes, just felt too bored. Ho-hum. It was kinda cold yesterday, too, so I didn't want to go out for a ride. I even went to bed at 9:30 pm. That is so not me.

Today I feel kinda the same. Bored. And a little bloated. I'm not craving anything in particular. I just don't want to be a dieter today. You know, that mentality of constantly aware of every morsel I put into my mouth. Gaaaahhhh. I need to snap out of it. I cannot quit. I cannot.

So today I'm not liking that my momentum is lacking. Where did it go? Who took it. Could it be the fact that when I got home yesterday my mom had made some kind of candy for her friends' birthday? Or because there was a package of chocolate chip cookies in the pantry? Or because she told me she made my son pancakes for brekkie yesterday even though they were Mizfit's Almost 'Cakes? I think I'm having a pity party.

Whatever, that's why I come to blogland. To escape the feeling that I'm the only one that wants to eat healthy. That I'm the only one who needs to lose weight. It's hard sometimes.

I need to drink my water, eat some veggies, and read some blogs!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Temptation Tuesday!

What's with the cutesy day-of-the-week post titles? Anyway, today some cupcakes were waived in front of me and I said "no, thanks." I KNOW!! And these were not your average run of the mill cupcakes. They were from a specialty bakery called Crave Cupcakes. They were so cute. Four of them in a cute little box. One had vanilla frosting with a fresh blueberry on top. Gaaaaah!

I said no. No, thanks. And I didn't even regret it. You know how you have reject-remorse? (I don't know if that is a real syndrome, but I'm claiming it.) Sometimes after you say no, you want to chase down the person offering the food, tackle them and then say "I was just kidding. I want it! Give it to me."

Enough. That's enough of that fantasy. LOL I'm glad I said no and so today I celebrate a small non-scale victory! :)

Don't forget to drink your water, have some fun, and stay away from cupcakes!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ho-hum. Monday.

At work today I just wanted the day to hurry up and be over. There wasn't any particular reason for me wanting the day to be over, just bored with the day. I like my job, but I like life better. Of course, without job, no life. Heh! The old catch-22. Whatever.

I hate to wish my days away, but I wish it was already 65 lbs from now. Don't you wish sometimes that you could wake up one morning and you'd be there. At your goal weight or at least within spitting distance! I'm not bored with eating right or exercise, I guess I'm just anxious to get there.

I rode my bike today. The temp today was around 68-70 and a little on the humid side. I don't mind the weather here in Houston except for the humidity. And summer? It makes me sweat just thinking about it.

So that's it for me today. I've been enjoying making the blog circuit. You guys are such a blessing!

Have a great evening, rest, relax, and revive!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Won! I Won! I Actually Won!

Last Sunday, Lyn, from Escape From Obesity, posted a give-a-way on her blog for a GelPro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat. I entered thinking, what the heck, I'd love to have one of those and have drooled over them at the store, but never thought I'd actually win.

Well, I Won!!! I am so excited I just can't believe it. Lyn is so sweet! With all that girl has going on in her world everyday and yet she takes the time to handle a give-a-way! Love ya, Lyn!

If you haven't read her blog or haven't been reading her blog lately, you need to get on over there! She's a special treat!

List Envy

I've been reading some of your blogs today, trying to catch up. By the way, I'd like to welcome some of you that recently started following my blog! It really is nice to meet you all. Anyway, it seems everyone is making a list of some kind. I need to make a list. Or make several. I usually only make a shopping list but I'm liking the idea of listing things I want to achieve. Whether for one day or for a whole week. So thanks to Karen, Deborah, Tamzin and many more of you organized dolls, lists are making a come-back! LOL

Yesterday, I had fun on my Wii Fit. I've unlocked a few new things (you get rewarded with new activities the more you do). I'm getting better at the step aerobics but still suck at the hula-hoop. I just can't get the hoops that come my way. They bonk me on the head!

Here is pic of my Wii looking a little more like me!

I'm still considering going to Blogher conference in Chicago. I've been racking my brain how I can set aside some money to go. It would be so fun to get away and I've never been to Chicago! Damn, I need a sugar daddy!
Have some fun, drink your water, and make a list of something. LOL

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today is my weigh-in day and the scale said 268.8!! Woo Hoo! I'm in the 260's. I was hoping to lose a little more, but, and excuse the following if it's TMI, I didn't go potty yesterday (need to eat more flax) so the loss might be more when nature calls! LOL!

In the "old" days, my scale wouldn't have registered the .8, it would have just said 268. That would mean a loss of 2 lbs instead of 1.4 lbs, but I digress. I'm just happy to see that number go down.

At work, they are offering a health "pilot" program called Naturally Slim. In order to be chosen to participate in the program you had to meet certain criteria. Of course, I met the requirements and I've signed up. It's a 10 week trial period and you have to meet the first time for a 2 hour meeting. Then after that it's all done online and you have to keep a food log and other stuff I guess I'll find out at the meeting.

The incentive is, if you don't finish the 10 week period, you have to pay $150 which is the cost of the program. Well, I'm not going to pay for something I'm already doing and I'm hoping this program will help keep my momentum going. All info is private so my employer won't know specifics. I like that even though, it's obvious that I need all the help I can get!

This weight-loss journey will be a long one for me. I have many pounds to lose but I have my eye on the prize. The prize of being healthy and living a better life. One that will allow me to have the fun that I've been craving. A life filled with activity and friends. I have let being overweight keep me from living. I'm so tired of that. It's got to stop. This year. 2009 is my year!

Let's all keep going at it. Don't give up. Keep your eye on the prize and let's turn to each other for support and advice. We will do this!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Chocolate Love!

When I started eating clean I learned a lot from Karen, the Dreadmill Executioner, at her blog *Fitcetera*. Thank you, Karen! One of the best things I learned from her is using Blue Diamond Almond Milk with my whey protein. I had already been using the almond milk with cereal but silly me didn't put the two together! Whey and almond milk shakes are sooooo good.

Well, today I bought unsweetened chocolate almond milk. I KNOW!! Chocolate with chocolate whey powder! Chocolate heaven!

Anyway, I rode my bike today since it was 70 something degrees. Gotta love Houston in January. (July, not so much.) Then worked out on the Wii Fit. Tried a new yoga pose, the palm tree. Let's just say I need a little work on being a tree! LOL

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I'm ready for it. Sweet dreams all. Hope you had some fun today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uh-oh! Friday's Coming!

I usually weigh-in on Friday but today I got on the scale just for grins and it said I was up a pound. Whaaa?!! I thought I'd lost some. My pants are baggy today. I had to do it, didn't I? Get on the damn thing and let it get to me. I hate when I do that. It's just a freakin' number but it's like the weather, it totally affects my mood.

On Monday, since I was off work, I rode my bike for 6.5 miles, I worked in the yard hauling tree limbs to the curb for trash pick-up, and I Wii'd (not a word but don't know what to call it!) for 35 minutes. I worked my butt off and the scale just up and went the wrong direction today. I know all the exercise probably threw my body into some kind of freak-out mode: Oh, no! She's burning up the fat! Quick hold on to it! LOL

I'm going to suck it up and think about the saggy pants. I know one thing, I'm not getting off my plan today or tomorrow or the next day. So there! Take that oh mighty scale...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Mii

I talk a lot about the Wii Fit so I thought I'd show you my on-screen self. I've hula hooped so much that my right knee is a bit swollen. But I just put the ice pack on it afterwards and go again the next day!
Today I did the Rhythm Boxing for the first time. It took me a few tries before I got my "rhythm" but once I did, I liked the punching and the sound it makes when you "hit" the punching bag. You can take a lot of frustration out doing this one and burn calories at the same time.

Anyway, I hope your Monday was a good one and the rest of your week is full of healthy food. Get some fresh air and drink your water!!
edited to add: My Mii is much thinner when doing the hula-hoop! LOL- She looks very pudgey otherwise!

Happy MLK Day!

I'm off work today thanks to MLK. Since we share the same birthday I always feel a special bond with him. Just kidding, but on a serious note, I do think today holds a very significant meaning. I wish our new President was being sworn in today. Don't you think that would be really cool?

Today it's a little windy here but I went for a bike ride anyway. Rode for 6.5 miles and my average speed was 10 mph. I haven't figured how many calories I burned but I don't really care. I know I felt great after the ride and that's what's important.

I'm off to do some errands today and then later I'll be getting Fit, I am so addicted to my Wii Fit! I'll try to take a pic of my Mii (if you don't have a Wii or don't speak Wii, that is the little person that represents you on the screen). I just love her expressions. She's gets a little frustrated when I'm "unbalanced"! So funny, I screw up more when I'm laughing! LOL

Ta Ta for now! Have some fun and eat your veggies!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

De-Clutter Diem!

I'm taking a cue from Karen from *Fitcetera* and today I'm going to try to get somethings outta here! I've had enough of all this stuff. Where does it all come from? I couldn't possibly have brought all this junk in here! Good heavens! I'm so sick of having to deal with it, I just want it out!

Don't get me wrong, my house doesn't look like the next episode of "Clean Sweep", but I'm afraid if I don't get busy, they might be knockin' on my door. LOL

So today I'll be the queen of all things organized. I hope anyway!

I'll leave you with the cute greeting from one of my birthday cards:

Hey, You - goddess of unequaled perfection, princess of coolness, example of perpetual youth!

(inside card) And you thought you were simply the birthday girl!

Love it! Have a great day, drink lots of water, and smile!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Challenge Weigh-In & Good Eats!

I got on the scale this morning (not that I haven't been getting on it all week~lol) and I've lost 2.6 lbs since last Friday!! Yep, I did the happy dance! I was afraid last nights meal might have made a difference since we had pasta. I think this is the first time I've had pasta for dinner and not shown a gain the next morning. Hmm. I was mindful of how much I ate last night and I didn't overeat. And, I was very satisfied!

Here's what my dear mother cooked for us last night (all from the Clean Eating Mag Jan/Feb 2009 issue):

  • Baked Penne (p. 52)
  • Roasted Zucchini Fries (p. 53)
  • Apple-Cranberry Crumble (p. 57)

I'm telling you this meal was so delicious! The pasta was excellent. I loved the asparagus in it. The zucchini fries had the consistency of butter! Melt in your mouth goodness! The crumble was just the right ending for such a great meal. My mom did substitute cherries for the cranberries. I think she used unsweetened cherries from a can so they may not have been ultra-clean, but still healthier than what we usually have on a birthday! I figure any step towards healthy is still a step well taken. Anyway, here are a few pics from the evening. I somehow forgot to take a pic of the pasta dish but it looked just like the one in the magazine!

Here are my tulips!

Yummy crumble!

And me - happy after my 5.5 mile bike ride!!

Have a great Friday! Eat your veggies and have some fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Is it weird to mention that today is my birthday? Well, today is my birthday! Whoopee! I'm 52! Whatever that means. I don't really think of my age except when my knees grind as I'm going up a flight of stairs. Ugh. Why do the parts have to wear out?
When I woke up this morning, I found a pretty bouquet of red tulips. My son left them for me! He's such a sweetheart. When he was 4 years old my mom brought him to my office (where I was working at the time) and he walked all the way to my desk carrying a sweet little bunch of flowers. Every year after that he insisted on getting me flowers. It's so nice that even at age 24, he still remembers to get me flowers. Thanks, mom, for helping to teach my son to be thoughtful and giving. It means so much!
I'm not having cake today. I'm not having cheesecake (my fav). I've asked for a yummy fruit crumble made with cherries, apples, oats, and pecans. Yummm. Since I've been doing well this week and feeling good, I don't want to blow it over having a birthday. Dinner will be at home and then on to the Wii! It is so much fun. I laugh at myself (my mii) when it hangs its head in shame! Those of you that have a Wii, know what I'm talking about!
I hope you have a day that makes you smile!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reflection and Change

I've been doing pretty good for the last week. Lost the weight I gained over the holidays and I've been more active. If you're like me when I get in the "zone" I begin to feel like a thin person. Not that I think I'm thin, but I'm behaving like a thin person. This behavior makes me feel good. I even think I step a little faster and livelier when I'm walking.

Then I see my reflection in a window while I'm waiting in the doctor's office and - poof! Reality is like a cold splash of water in my face. Crap, why did I even have to look. I knew what I would see, that fat chick that keeps following me around, year after year. She was beginning to just be a memory.

The change part of this post is that this time I really looked at myself. I think I see a change in my face. A change in my posture. I'm even holding my head up a little higher and not slinking away. Yep. I see myself but this time I know that the reflection I see is of a woman with a purpose. A woman determined to lose the weight and live the healthy life she longs to live.

I am thankful for all of you that offer support and really care about others that are facing the same (or close to the same) uphill climbs. It is what helps keep me going somedays. Thanks for that!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can Wii say Fit?

For Christmas I got a Wii Fit!! My son has a Wii and since you have to have the Wii in order to play Wii Fit, he is letting me use his so this weekend we hooked it up. OMG! This thing is the most fun I've had in a long time!! I was LMAO, we were all laughing so hard our sides were hurting. This thing tells you like it is but also gives you a pat on the back when you do well during the exercises. It's really like having a personal trainer right there in your living room.

When you first start, you have to do the body test. It weighs you (you can have a password so no one else sees your actual weight) and then in a cute little voice tells you where you stand in BMI chart. I don't care how cute the voice is...obese does not sound cute when you have other people in the room. Not that it's any surprise. I mean, you know your obese and people can look at you and see that you are obviously obese, but still. That is what made me LMAO! My mom and son where laughing theirs off because I was having a hissy fit telling the thing "you better not say my weight out loud." It didn't, so I guess my threats were heard! LOL

Anyway, I love the hula-hoop, yoga, and aerobics. I haven't gotten to the strength training yet. It is so much fun you forget you're working out. If you were thinking of getting one, do it. You will have fun and that is something I don't have enough of these days. It does wonders for you frame of mind. Fun is good medicine!

The weekend was good, I stayed on my plan except for adding a few tortilla chips in on Sunday. Calorie-wise that wasn't bad, but since I'm trying to stay away from those kind of carbs and all the salt I feel like I got off plan. Oh, well, I'm back to clean eating today and can't wait to get home and get on the Wii.

Have a good week and do something fun!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weighing In - Week 1 of the 6 Week Challenge!

December 1st, 2008 I started eating clean and in 2 weeks I went from 285 to 272.8 - Wow, 12 lbs ! I was so happy! I was so motivated. And then something went terribly wrong. I began to eat the holiday junk that was coming into the house. No one forced me. I just wanted it. Eating sweets and dips and junk at Christmas has been something I've done for many years, obviously. This Christmas was proving to be no exception.

I gained, duh! You can't eat like I did and not gain. Six pounds. I gained six pounds back. I feel an Oprah moment coming on...I can't believe I let the fat win. I got really mad at myself. Then Karen at Fitcetera started a 6 week challenge - be strict and do your plan of choice and workout - with no excuses! Woo Hoo! Just what I needed to get me back on track. Thanks, Karen and all of you that offered words of encouragement. I mean it from the heart!

I haven't had a chance to check in on everybody that signed up for the Challenge but I'm sure we are kickin' butt! I really think that all the sharing and caring is going to get us to our goal! I know this for sure - at Christmas next year I will be thinner, healthier, and I will make better choices for holiday noshing!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be trying to catch up reading blogs in between riding my bike. Although, Saturday our lovely 72 degree weather is supposed to take a dip to 50. I know, it's nothing to you guys that are having 24 and snow but it's what we here in Texas call - Chili weather!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can you see any sweat?

I just rode 6 miles on my bike outside. I see the sweat but when you ride the wind dries it pretty fast unless it's really hot outside.

Katschi suggested we show off our workout sweat. You other good sports that posted your sweaty-ness - Awesome!

For those of you that are knee deep in snow, I'd love to have at least one winter like you're having. Stay warm and thanks for all the great comments!! Get your bikes tuned and ready! Things will thaw out soon enough. Love knowing we're working our butts off!

Sunny and 72!

Wow, yesterday and today have been Spring-like weather. Be-u-ti-ful! I went for a bike ride yesterday and rode 5.17 miles. I needed to get my speed up but averaged 10 mph. *Heart* my bike!

I've lost my holiday gain, woo hoo! Well, except for .6 of a pound. I have not been hungry at all and yesterday I didn't even eat that much. The best non-scale victory for me right now is that I have not been hungry before bed. Night time is a really bad snacking time for me. I go to bed late so if I've had dinner at 7, by 11 I'm hungry. Since I haven't been chowing down any grains I've noticed the hunger factor is not an issue. It feels good to have some control.

I'll be riding my bike again today since it's so nice out. I'm gonna try to go a little faster...I think I can, I think I can... ;)
ps: not me in the pic, but how I want to look someday soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two "Loser" Shows

Last night I watched Biggest Loser Season 7. Wow, there's gonna be a lot of fat falling on this season's show! I laughed, I cried, I wanted a treadmill so I could sweat along with them! I know the amounts they lost are due to the intense daily workouts they get in since that's all they have to do, but man, would I love a 21 lb-in-a-week loss! No, it's not "typical" but wouldn't it be nice?

I'm still not sure I like that they sent nine people home with the chance to come back in 30 days. Maybe it will ensure that they can do it alone? Maybe they will work harder knowing they can bring their partner back? I guess I'll have to stay tuned in to see how this works for them. I would think it would be disappointing to get there and find out your partner was leaving, first thing.

I watched DietTribe on Lifetime the other night. I think I will like this show. If you didn't see it, it's 5 friends that have gotten fat together and now will get thin together. I wish I had 4 friends that I could do this with. They are working out with a really cute trainer, Jessie, and they have a therapist, Stacey, that will be helping them with their food issues. That is the part that I am really excited about. I think it will be interesting to see just how much the mental part will play in their success. They had a very good first 20 days and they are in it for a 90 day period. All the girls are young so the weight-loss youth factor is still in their favor. Tune in next week or check it out online at

I'm doing really good getting back to my eating plan. I just need to get out there and pedal, pedal, and pedal some more. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Too much is still too much!

Yesterday I was feeling hungry. I stuck to eating healthy food but I think I ate too much. Too many calories are still too many calories. I wish I could get that drive back that I had a few years ago when I did South Beach in 2005. I was so "there" that if pizza was put in front of me, I would have gotten up and walked away. Eating clean is good but I miss my freakin' coffee with creamer and splenda. :(

I feel like this is a science experiment. A measure of this and a measure of that could lead to the expected outcome. Or kablooey, when you combine the wrong things. Maybe now that I'm back at work I'll be on a better schedule and can regulate my meals.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Such a Home-Body!

I love being home. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for my job. But I love being home. I can always find something that needs getting done. Cleaning, filing, organizing a junk drawer, reading old magazines. I collect recipes so sometimes I like to go through them and throw out the ones I know I'll never make. Like coupons that I clip and know I'll never buy the product. Why do I do that?

Today was a good stay at home day. I kept to my eating plan mostly but have felt very tired. I think I'm still getting over the nasty sinus/bronchial thing cause I'm still coughing. That makes me tired and gives me a headache.

Monday will be here before I know it and work will be chaotic at first since we've been off for two weeks. Such is life. I've got to make a plan for foods to take to work so I don't fall prey to bad eating. Working and dieting is a lot of work, don't you find that to be true? But that is just something we have to do for the sake of getting thin and fine in 2009!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few of my reasons...

Tuesday I got tagged by Rie at Getting Healthy to list some reasons for losing weight. I thought about it and decided to remind myself of a few good reasons!

10 reasons to lose 10 plus pounds (for some...Another 10 lbs!)

List the 10 reasons why you are losing weight
Tag 5 others
Be sure to post these rules on your post
Be sure to link the blog that tagged you
See, simple, right?

My Top Ten:

1. I want to wear cute, tight, biking outfits while riding my bike outdoors.

2. Learn to dance Salsa.

3. Be able to fit into a seat on the airplane and not have my butt touching the person sitting next to me. God, I hate that!! (sorta got this idea from someone else's list) :)

4. Wear SEXY shoes again!

5. Shop at regular size stores and not have to try something on before buying it. I want to just know "it will fit."

6. Walk into a restaurant with my head held high and not feel like people are staring because I'm fat.

7. Learn to Kayak. (hoping I'm better at it than Mizfit! Read this!!)

8. I want to get thin this year so in the future, when my son gets married, I'll be ready!

9. Go hiking and camping and be able to squat in the woods!!

10. To look like I feel -- a lot younger than my driver's license says.

Sending this out to (Click their names for their blogs!):

360 Degrees of DC
A Mountain of Weight to Lose
Weight by the Seashore
Cara's Weight Loss Journey
Losing Waist!

edited to add: Also, has anyone heard about a new reality show that's starting on Lifetime channel on Jan. 5th? It's called DietTribe. It looks like they will be eating clean so I'm thinking of checking it out. Just wanted to pass it on.

My Kinda Day - Happy New Year's Day

Last year at New Years, I was not in a happy place. Some personal things were going on and the holidays pretty much fell into the crapper. I didn't make any plans at all for a "better" year in 2008 because I just couldn't get my head around what was happening. I still don't have my head around it, but I've come to accept that some things are so totally out of my control that I just have to let it go and move on.

As a result, in 2008 I didn't really do anything for myself as far as losing weight or exercising until late in the year. I met you great peeps through your blogs: Katschi, Spunkysuzi, Escape from Obesity, Mizfit, HollyALP, and so many more. Well, you can see for yourself, they're over there in my followers list and in the list of people that inspire me. By reading your blogs, I've been encouraged, I've cried, and I've ROFLMAO. I've cooked some good stuff, too ,by seeing what you all are eating. And now I'm ready for 2009 to be the year that I put me first and lose this weight, this suit of armour that I've been wearing for the last 20 years. I put it on when my heart got broken. When my feelings dried up and blew away. Anyway, I digress...

Today is the first day of a brand new year. I woke up in a much better mood than yesterday. Don't know why but I think I just wanted to be in a better mood.

So, I cooked a recipe from The Eat-Clean Diet book, Adobo-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin (p. 200), some roasted veggies - butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, & onion. We also cooked black-eyed peas and cabbage, of course, for the usual New Year's day luck, ya know. Anyway, the meal was great!! Here are pictures of some of the meal. Not much left of the roasted veggies. They were a hit!
After we ate I went for a bike ride outside. The weather was great for biking today. I'm off work till the 5th so I'm planning on getting a lot of riding in if the weather holds up.
Hope everyone had a successful day. If not, love yourself and start fresh tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

I don't go out on New Year's. I stay in with family. We like it that way. There was a time in my life when I went to parties and had wild times. It was fun but usually a blurr the next day. Maybe I had fun, maybe I didn't? Anyway, life slows down sometimes and it's all good.

Here is a poem I've written tonight about the new year we have coming our way. I hope we all achieve our dreams and make our goals. I thank you all for being here. It means a lot to know you're there, sharing, caring, and helping pick each other up!

A fresh new year
brings light into view.
See it with new eyes
and let it guide you.
Do this all year to be
the you the world
longs to see.
Do this and
shine bright.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year's!!