Monday, January 5, 2009

Too much is still too much!

Yesterday I was feeling hungry. I stuck to eating healthy food but I think I ate too much. Too many calories are still too many calories. I wish I could get that drive back that I had a few years ago when I did South Beach in 2005. I was so "there" that if pizza was put in front of me, I would have gotten up and walked away. Eating clean is good but I miss my freakin' coffee with creamer and splenda. :(

I feel like this is a science experiment. A measure of this and a measure of that could lead to the expected outcome. Or kablooey, when you combine the wrong things. Maybe now that I'm back at work I'll be on a better schedule and can regulate my meals.


  1. It would take a team of burly dietitians to get my coffee with Splenda out of my hands. Must have, must have. I'll give up dessert before I give up coffee with Splenda. Mmmm.

    And yeah, it really is about the calories. Drat. Do I know it. I did weeks of eating only organic and "clean" f/v and lean proteins, cooked at home with care and if I ate too much of the good stuff, the scale showed it all the same.

    It's hard.

    Happy Monday!

    The P

  2. I had good results with the South Beach diet and I've kept up with some of the suggested eating. I love the recipe for oatmeal for example. I think I may end up with a hybridized diet that incorporates aspects of eating clean with South Beach.

    Good luck today returning to work!

  3. I am on South Beach diet right now and in one week I've lost 7 lbs. I'm so excited and I love's super easy. I agree with you...I could NEVER EVER survive without my coffee. Hang in there!

  4. P - Yep, I think I'm gonna have to keep the coffee habit going. Mornings are just not the same!

    Lee - I like your idea about the hybridized SB/Clean Diet. Tweeking to do what we can live with will work best, right?!!

  5. It's hard work...hang in there!

  6. Everyone has been telling me that I have to find something that works for me...tailored just for me. So, maybe doing a combo of SB and eating clean will be the ticket for you? Hey, if anything, you can try it and if it doesn't's not set in stone that you must stay on one particular plan. Good luck!

  7. I'd have to say it depends on what your idea of clean eating is!! To me coffee with creamer isn't such a bad thing :)

  8. i know what you mean... today I was eating good foods...but I just needed to eat more.

    I tried to fill up with water and veggies...

    strange ol' life isn't it.


  9. it is kind of an experiment ---or was for me.
    figuring out what amount of what kinds of food sustained me with out making me tooo hungry or overfull which lead to over eating.


    If I can help---gimmie a shout.


  10. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit to my post.

    You are so right about this being like a science experiment. Boy does that hit the nail on the head. It takes sooooo much effort to eat the right thing and exercise just the right way to get our bodies healthier.

    About the coffee, I just have that planned into my daily caloric intake. I don't like artificial creamers so I use carnation evaporated milk with my Splenda. I have limited it to only one cup in the mornings but I "gotta" have it. Again, it's all in the planning.

    Hope all goes well with your schedule and meal regulation since you're back to work.

  11. Can't you have just one coffee with the creamer and splenda? Would it be that awful to do?
    I think it's ok, don't you?