Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few of my reasons...

Tuesday I got tagged by Rie at Getting Healthy to list some reasons for losing weight. I thought about it and decided to remind myself of a few good reasons!

10 reasons to lose 10 plus pounds (for some...Another 10 lbs!)

List the 10 reasons why you are losing weight
Tag 5 others
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See, simple, right?

My Top Ten:

1. I want to wear cute, tight, biking outfits while riding my bike outdoors.

2. Learn to dance Salsa.

3. Be able to fit into a seat on the airplane and not have my butt touching the person sitting next to me. God, I hate that!! (sorta got this idea from someone else's list) :)

4. Wear SEXY shoes again!

5. Shop at regular size stores and not have to try something on before buying it. I want to just know "it will fit."

6. Walk into a restaurant with my head held high and not feel like people are staring because I'm fat.

7. Learn to Kayak. (hoping I'm better at it than Mizfit! Read this!!)

8. I want to get thin this year so in the future, when my son gets married, I'll be ready!

9. Go hiking and camping and be able to squat in the woods!!

10. To look like I feel -- a lot younger than my driver's license says.

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edited to add: Also, has anyone heard about a new reality show that's starting on Lifetime channel on Jan. 5th? It's called DietTribe. It looks like they will be eating clean so I'm thinking of checking it out. Just wanted to pass it on.


  1. OMG sexy shoes - HOW did I forget to put that one on my list!


    I like!

  2. Squatting in the woods...a very honest, noble reason!

  3. ooooh a new lifetime show? THANK YOU I hadnt heard.

    and, IMO, there is no better reason than those sexysexy shoes.