Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reflection and Change

I've been doing pretty good for the last week. Lost the weight I gained over the holidays and I've been more active. If you're like me when I get in the "zone" I begin to feel like a thin person. Not that I think I'm thin, but I'm behaving like a thin person. This behavior makes me feel good. I even think I step a little faster and livelier when I'm walking.

Then I see my reflection in a window while I'm waiting in the doctor's office and - poof! Reality is like a cold splash of water in my face. Crap, why did I even have to look. I knew what I would see, that fat chick that keeps following me around, year after year. She was beginning to just be a memory.

The change part of this post is that this time I really looked at myself. I think I see a change in my face. A change in my posture. I'm even holding my head up a little higher and not slinking away. Yep. I see myself but this time I know that the reflection I see is of a woman with a purpose. A woman determined to lose the weight and live the healthy life she longs to live.

I am thankful for all of you that offer support and really care about others that are facing the same (or close to the same) uphill climbs. It is what helps keep me going somedays. Thanks for that!


  1. I had a big grin on my face the whole time reading this. That's me in a nutshell. I'm exactly the same way.

    I've been positioning myself in front of a window while exercising and watching my reflection to see what the body looks like in action. :o) And then I think to myself, what a long way I've got to go. But, HEY, at least I'm doing something about it and someday will be happy with what I see in that reflection.

  2. Yep, Tena, me too!
    But like you said we are doing something about it. We have to go THROUGH it to GET to it!
    I'm very happy for you!!! I'm very proud of you!!!

  3. Keep it up! Isn't it great to start feeling all the hard work paying off.

  4. The "Change part" is great. Going to hang on to that thought myself if you do not mind sharing :-). The new look is fun, makes ya want to get out there and ride!

  5. Wow.. lots of great change coming your way, huh?!

    Love the 'hold the head high' image.. I've noticed that with myself. So.. even though that stupid scale # may seem like its taking years to move.. YOU know that there are PROFOUND changes happening in other aspects of your journey!


  6. Ugh! I still hate seeing those window reflections.

    At least we're both working to improve those reflections!