Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uh-oh! Friday's Coming!

I usually weigh-in on Friday but today I got on the scale just for grins and it said I was up a pound. Whaaa?!! I thought I'd lost some. My pants are baggy today. I had to do it, didn't I? Get on the damn thing and let it get to me. I hate when I do that. It's just a freakin' number but it's like the weather, it totally affects my mood.

On Monday, since I was off work, I rode my bike for 6.5 miles, I worked in the yard hauling tree limbs to the curb for trash pick-up, and I Wii'd (not a word but don't know what to call it!) for 35 minutes. I worked my butt off and the scale just up and went the wrong direction today. I know all the exercise probably threw my body into some kind of freak-out mode: Oh, no! She's burning up the fat! Quick hold on to it! LOL

I'm going to suck it up and think about the saggy pants. I know one thing, I'm not getting off my plan today or tomorrow or the next day. So there! Take that oh mighty scale...


  1. Good for you on the good attitude and to keep tackling it! This happened to me too (recently) but the scale is now coming back down. Yours will too. :-)

  2. You are doing everything right, Tena! Like you said...your pants are looser which PROVES you're losing weight.
    Damn scale!
    Why do we do this to ourselves???

  3. good for you for sticking with it.

  4. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the bathing suit photos!

  5. Muscle weighs more than fat. So maybe you traded muscle for fat.

  6. I meant traded fat for muscle. LOL

  7. The same here. I worked by butt off all last week (except for the days I was sick) and I gained this week. GRRRRRRRR.

    Wish I could catch some of your positive attitude because right now I just don't have it.

  8. Hi Tena,
    I am Deborah and just joined the healthy you challenge.
    And I wanted to say to you keep up the good work and attitude about weight loss. you are not alone about the scales letting it affect your mood. I do the same thing. But I am learning that it is just a number and doesn't represent anything but feedback. That is what I heard in Weight Watchers.

    Well keep on keeping on...

  9. I'm also finding that the scale is not my best friend right now, because I've started exercising. But that's ok! Even my panties are feeling looser! I'll take that any day...

    Let's just keep going - the scale will catch up eventually!

  10. That pound up iis just your muscles holding on to a bit of comfort water since you used them so much!

    Baggy clothes are so much better than any number on the scale, but I won't lie: the scale tends to rule my mood too.