Monday, January 12, 2009

Can Wii say Fit?

For Christmas I got a Wii Fit!! My son has a Wii and since you have to have the Wii in order to play Wii Fit, he is letting me use his so this weekend we hooked it up. OMG! This thing is the most fun I've had in a long time!! I was LMAO, we were all laughing so hard our sides were hurting. This thing tells you like it is but also gives you a pat on the back when you do well during the exercises. It's really like having a personal trainer right there in your living room.

When you first start, you have to do the body test. It weighs you (you can have a password so no one else sees your actual weight) and then in a cute little voice tells you where you stand in BMI chart. I don't care how cute the voice is...obese does not sound cute when you have other people in the room. Not that it's any surprise. I mean, you know your obese and people can look at you and see that you are obviously obese, but still. That is what made me LMAO! My mom and son where laughing theirs off because I was having a hissy fit telling the thing "you better not say my weight out loud." It didn't, so I guess my threats were heard! LOL

Anyway, I love the hula-hoop, yoga, and aerobics. I haven't gotten to the strength training yet. It is so much fun you forget you're working out. If you were thinking of getting one, do it. You will have fun and that is something I don't have enough of these days. It does wonders for you frame of mind. Fun is good medicine!

The weekend was good, I stayed on my plan except for adding a few tortilla chips in on Sunday. Calorie-wise that wasn't bad, but since I'm trying to stay away from those kind of carbs and all the salt I feel like I got off plan. Oh, well, I'm back to clean eating today and can't wait to get home and get on the Wii.

Have a good week and do something fun!


  1. Have fun with it! We had one but we ended up selling it a few months ago. Dh just sold his Wii today as well. LOL

  2. I love my Wii fit. Isn't the yoga fun? I'm a "professional" ski jumper too. :)

  3. I wanna wii fit!!!! I have the wii...that would be the first big step!

  4. I love my Wii Fit (which I bought myself for Christmas). But, damn. I suck at the hula hoop (unlike Linda at Fat Don't Wrinkle!). I love the step aerobics and rhythmic boxing (despite being REALLY uncoordinated).

  5. Sherre, I'm always getting bonked on the head by a hoop! LOL I have to remember to lean forward!

  6. your joy is infectious! Thanks for making me smile today


  7. Well I'm glad to hear you love it!
    I bought the WiiFit but don't have the Wii yet...I do things backwards lol
    Sounds like a hoot!

  8. My husband and I bought a Wii and Wii Fit this Christmas and I love it! I can even laugh at how, at each weigh-in, my mii starts of thin and expands as it shows my weight.

  9. Found your blog and love it.

    We have been thinking about getting a Wii 0but "obese aloud sounds scary. Might have to do the first sessions alone. Thanks for the laugh.