Saturday, January 17, 2009

De-Clutter Diem!

I'm taking a cue from Karen from *Fitcetera* and today I'm going to try to get somethings outta here! I've had enough of all this stuff. Where does it all come from? I couldn't possibly have brought all this junk in here! Good heavens! I'm so sick of having to deal with it, I just want it out!

Don't get me wrong, my house doesn't look like the next episode of "Clean Sweep", but I'm afraid if I don't get busy, they might be knockin' on my door. LOL

So today I'll be the queen of all things organized. I hope anyway!

I'll leave you with the cute greeting from one of my birthday cards:

Hey, You - goddess of unequaled perfection, princess of coolness, example of perpetual youth!

(inside card) And you thought you were simply the birthday girl!

Love it! Have a great day, drink lots of water, and smile!


  1. I'm on a mission to de-clutter and re-organize my desk today... after a nap tho.. late night and bad sleep!

  2. Um, Clean Sweep would be welcome here!
    I ended up not getting too far with things. oops!
    Glad you were influenced to start though!
    The card was very cute.

  3. I gave up today and got OUT of the house :-). The college guy goes back Tuesday and hopefully the snow/cold school closed days are over (several this week). To many guys around with added friends to keep things organized.
    The card is great. Love, example of perpetual youth! Your photo below is a beautiful one. What a glow.

  4. De-cluttering will make you feel like a new woman! :-)