Sunday, January 25, 2009

List Envy

I've been reading some of your blogs today, trying to catch up. By the way, I'd like to welcome some of you that recently started following my blog! It really is nice to meet you all. Anyway, it seems everyone is making a list of some kind. I need to make a list. Or make several. I usually only make a shopping list but I'm liking the idea of listing things I want to achieve. Whether for one day or for a whole week. So thanks to Karen, Deborah, Tamzin and many more of you organized dolls, lists are making a come-back! LOL

Yesterday, I had fun on my Wii Fit. I've unlocked a few new things (you get rewarded with new activities the more you do). I'm getting better at the step aerobics but still suck at the hula-hoop. I just can't get the hoops that come my way. They bonk me on the head!

Here is pic of my Wii looking a little more like me!

I'm still considering going to Blogher conference in Chicago. I've been racking my brain how I can set aside some money to go. It would be so fun to get away and I've never been to Chicago! Damn, I need a sugar daddy!
Have some fun, drink your water, and make a list of something. LOL


  1. I live by lists...I have about 5 of them going at any one time. Items to buy, things to do, tasks to perform, rooms to clean, etc.

    As I accomplish each item, it feels so good to cross it off the list. After most items on one list are accomplished, and another list has been started, I consolidate the lists. The lists have to look very organized and pretty, sometimes I even type them up. It's all a bit OCD.

    I used to live in's nice in the spring or fall, but definitely not anywhere I'd like to go in the summer. But then (looking at where you live), it's probably no worse than Texas in July. :)

  2. I don't usually do lists for everyone to see but this might just be a way to help me be more accountable. I've got 3 accomplished. If I complete the 4th I won't have to do the 5th.

    I've got my Wii Mii all set, just waiting for the WiiFit to arrive. It's been shipped.

  3. heheheh I'm one crazy list making lady!!!!


    half way through and I'm .... perving blogs not getting cooking done... Oops! Better get to it.

  4. Your mii looks a lot like mine. Be proud -- look at the graph behind your mii. Down, down down. Good job!

  5. I love me some lists... for pretty much everything.