Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today is my weigh-in day and the scale said 268.8!! Woo Hoo! I'm in the 260's. I was hoping to lose a little more, but, and excuse the following if it's TMI, I didn't go potty yesterday (need to eat more flax) so the loss might be more when nature calls! LOL!

In the "old" days, my scale wouldn't have registered the .8, it would have just said 268. That would mean a loss of 2 lbs instead of 1.4 lbs, but I digress. I'm just happy to see that number go down.

At work, they are offering a health "pilot" program called Naturally Slim. In order to be chosen to participate in the program you had to meet certain criteria. Of course, I met the requirements and I've signed up. It's a 10 week trial period and you have to meet the first time for a 2 hour meeting. Then after that it's all done online and you have to keep a food log and other stuff I guess I'll find out at the meeting.

The incentive is, if you don't finish the 10 week period, you have to pay $150 which is the cost of the program. Well, I'm not going to pay for something I'm already doing and I'm hoping this program will help keep my momentum going. All info is private so my employer won't know specifics. I like that even though, it's obvious that I need all the help I can get!

This weight-loss journey will be a long one for me. I have many pounds to lose but I have my eye on the prize. The prize of being healthy and living a better life. One that will allow me to have the fun that I've been craving. A life filled with activity and friends. I have let being overweight keep me from living. I'm so tired of that. It's got to stop. This year. 2009 is my year!

Let's all keep going at it. Don't give up. Keep your eye on the prize and let's turn to each other for support and advice. We will do this!!


  1. Well done on the weight loss! That's excellent!

    The program sounds like a great idea. Go for it!

  2. Congrats on the very nice loss indeed!!
    That program at work sounds wonderful :) You'll have to let us in on how it goes!

  3. YAY on the weight loss and on signing up for the program. You're on your way to that healthier place!

  4. Happy Friday indeed. Congrats on the weight loss. Good luck on the new program, let us know how it goes for you.

  5. YAY for your loss!! Great job. You don't have to change your weigh in day, just sign in on Tuesday and link to your Friday post where you report your weight loss or where you'd like your fellow HYC people to read.

  6. Tena, I'm happy for you!!!
    Way to go on the loss!
    Good luck with the program. That should be even greater incentive for you, eh?
    We're rowing the same boat. We WILL get there this year!
    And definitely with each other's support!

  7. Woo hoo! Congrats on the loss & here's to a new "weight decade"!

  8. Way to go on the loss!!!!!

    The program at work sounds great. Wish they'd had something like that when I was working.

    My eye is focused on the prize!!

  9. I am naturally a cynic about work/weight programs... But if it helps you then that is what it is about. It is weird that they penalize you if you don't finish the program?

    Thanks for the encouragement! I felt better today as the support rolled in!

  10. I was thinking about the TMI comment... because I can relate. I find that (for me) when I am "on" with my food everything flows nicely. When I am straying from good food choices the flow button is switched to "off" and everything comes to a screeching halt. Anyway. Enough of the visuals... ha!