Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two "Loser" Shows

Last night I watched Biggest Loser Season 7. Wow, there's gonna be a lot of fat falling on this season's show! I laughed, I cried, I wanted a treadmill so I could sweat along with them! I know the amounts they lost are due to the intense daily workouts they get in since that's all they have to do, but man, would I love a 21 lb-in-a-week loss! No, it's not "typical" but wouldn't it be nice?

I'm still not sure I like that they sent nine people home with the chance to come back in 30 days. Maybe it will ensure that they can do it alone? Maybe they will work harder knowing they can bring their partner back? I guess I'll have to stay tuned in to see how this works for them. I would think it would be disappointing to get there and find out your partner was leaving, first thing.

I watched DietTribe on Lifetime the other night. I think I will like this show. If you didn't see it, it's 5 friends that have gotten fat together and now will get thin together. I wish I had 4 friends that I could do this with. They are working out with a really cute trainer, Jessie, and they have a therapist, Stacey, that will be helping them with their food issues. That is the part that I am really excited about. I think it will be interesting to see just how much the mental part will play in their success. They had a very good first 20 days and they are in it for a 90 day period. All the girls are young so the weight-loss youth factor is still in their favor. Tune in next week or check it out online at

I'm doing really good getting back to my eating plan. I just need to get out there and pedal, pedal, and pedal some more. :)


  1. I missed the first 20 minutes of the darn show but watched the rest.
    Wow! This season is going to be great. I like that there's bigger women on this year.
    21 lbs in a week would be awesome for sure but how can your body lose so much, I wonder?

  2. Hey, instead of 5 friends, you've got at least 10! :-) We're all in this together and I'm excited to lose weight with so many like minded people.

  3. A person can lose that much because they are holding a lot of water. I've seen fatfighting bloggers lose 15 and more pounds in ONE WEEK, and it's a load of water loss, naturally, with the fat. Some folks hold water like crazy.

    I thought it was an intersting twist, but also kind of cruel. I mean, these folks expected to have their partner for at least a term, not just the first day. So, a bit of a pulled rug.

    On the other hand, all of them will eventually have to lose weight and keep it off at home, so this is sort of a pre-training for half the team( which may come in handy LATER after the show is over). One part of the team has the ranch tips, the other understands the home struggle. So, maybe it will be good.

    I was commenting with hubby on how large the contestants were commpared to previous shows. And it still is a slap in the face tos ee someone MY weight (or close) and realize THAT IS HOW I LOOK! We see something else in our own heads, even mirrors. But to see another person in the 270's is to face the ugly truth. Icky.

    The P

  4. TMcGee - Awwww! So sweet! What was I thinking? You guys are my friends! So happy just knowing we are all working together. :)

    P - I KNOW !! I felt the face slap, too! Me, look like that? My mirror is liar!

  5. I had taped DietTribe and just finished watching it. I like it better than Biggest Loser because it is a whole lot more realistic.

    But I agree with you about wanting a treadmill last night while watching BL. I felt the same way.

    I'll be the BL people spend a lot of time in the potty :o) I noticed the first couple of days when I started back on this thing that I was in there at least every half hour.

  6. Fun Fun Fun....

    I might have to set up a date at a friends house so I can watch Biggest loser - its the one TV show that I do miss.