Saturday, December 4, 2010

It goes on.

Some days, I don't want to put on the happy face. No one can make me happy but me, I know that. I simply don't know how to anymore. I think I'm stressed out and tired of my life, or lack of one.

Work has not been ideal. A co-worker has been absent for something she elected to do. Not cosmetic surgery, but something she's known she wanted to have done for awhile now. She's off during the summer and you would think that she would have done it during her time off. But that's when she and her husband choose to travel to exotic places. So, doing her work and mine has me stressed out. I've been angry over it and of course I take my anger out on myself. And I don't dare complain. I need my job and I like MY job. It's just that I always seem to be doing her job and mine.

I tried to get a diet plan in the works. Every time I look at a diet menu, I get pissed off. I used to be really good at getting my mind prepared for eating less, but lately, it just pisses me off. I'm burned out. I'm pissed (have I said that enough times?). I'm afraid I'm giving up on myself. Maybe I need some antidepressants. Or a shot of tequila. The candy I've been eating just isn't doing for me anymore.

Sorry, my posting has been almost non-existent and then I share this. It goes that is.


  1. ug. You know, what happens at the office really pushes into real life. We spend so much time there, more time there than at home. When its not going well and people don't respect your efforts... its hurtful.

    This week was a bad one for me too. SOrry!! I hope it gets sorted out soon.


    wanna hunt some grapefruit for fun!!!

  2. >:|
    Inconsiderate people suck.

    I have gained a lot of weight in past couple of months. I am eating everything. The good, bad and ugly...I am stopping today. Stress and ennui...On top of everything that is going on I do not need more weight "on my shoulders". So today I stop.

    Perhaps you will join me?

    It's time to grab life by the bollocks!

    XO Tena.

  3. It's hard when you have to carry someone else, and get no acknowledgment for it. It makes you self-sabotage because there really is no comfort to be found anywhere else. Sticking up for yourself seems tantamount to being ungrateful for what you do have. Like that's what the issue really is, when it clearly isn't.

    Sounds like you've got to find a way to get your mojo back. Good luck :)

  4. good lord I think we have all been there, too.

    and what we are here for is to lend a hand when you feel you just wanna stomp your feet and quit.



  5. How you feel is how you feel. You don't owe us anything other than the real you. And right now, apparently, you are pissed ;-) Just keep posting and doing what you can do. And as MIZ said, lean on us. Rant to us. It's okay to feel angry.