Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Night Re-cap

First, let me say thanks to all of you for your congrats on my weightloss. You all have a special place in my heart. I've learned so much from this community and without blogging, I know my journey would not have been so successful. Your support has been truly a blessing.

Yesterday was mom's 78th birthday and to celebrate, we went out for dinner. She loves steak so we (me, mom and my son) went to a local steak place to eat. Dinner was great! I had the K-Bob with sauteed veggies and salad with balsamic dressing on the side.

I haven't eaten out much while dieting. It's just been easier to make sure my food was prepared the way I wanted it and to avoid temptation. But to never go out to eat is not practical since eating is a social event. Something I read on the Medifast boards some time ago has really stuck with me:

It's a people event with food, not a food event with people.

So, last night I focused on the people and food was secondary. And it made all the difference. I passed on the bread and enjoyed being in the company of family. 

Later at home, we had ice cream cake. I had a very small piece and really, it was enough. My inner brat wanted to stomp her feet, but I very sternly said "no" and moved on to a nice cup of cofffee. All in all, it was an evening of being in control and the little bit of cake didn't trigger me to feel like I needed more. I don't think all things in moderation will work for me, but the small portion of ice cream cake followed by coffee didn't stir up any old feelings. And best of all, no change on the scale this morning. I had gone for a bike ride and walked Sydney earlier that day to offset any additional calories. 

I do believe that we have to have a plan in order to maintain once we've lost weight. Especially those of us that are seasoned yo-yo dieters. I'm not finished losing yet, but I'm learning something about myself: I can be in control and mean it!

Have an awesome weekend. Take care!


  1. What a nice time you had! I like that quote, it is a keeper.
    I'm happy you have had such great success! It's very motivating!


  2. Man, I don't know how I missed all your newer posts. You look amazing and give me hope. I have gained back almost 40 lbs. I want to loose again. I don't think I could do Medifast, but like I said....WOW!!

    Congrats and I am glad you had a nice Bday dinner with family. With so many family functions revolving around food, it's a good quote to remember.

  3. Special events can so often get me off track, so I like the quote. I need to remember it! Congrats on your success. I am new to your blog, but I will be back!

  4. Great quote! So true. It even applies to money spent on dinner events. Whenever we go out to eat or have friends and family in, there's a temptation to overdo the budget on all sorts of delicacies and wines and such. But why? It should be more about the people we're with than food we're eating.

    1. You are so right, Trish! I'm going to keep this in mind for future gatherings at home, too.

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