Sunday, October 26, 2008

What phase would you call it?

I haven't blogged lately. I haven't dieted lately. And I don't even think I feel like blogging about dieting any more. I hate food. It is the enemy.

I've been so very tired lately so I went to the doctor. By my blood tests she said I am extremely anemic. Well, I don't eat much red meat because it's "bad" for you. I try not to eat carbs cause they're "bad" for you. I'm sick and tired (literally) of watching every morsel that goes into my mouth.

I want to focus on what is "good" in life. Like riding my bike and walking the dog. I'm taking iron to build up my blood so maybe soon I will actually feel like doing some physical exercise. Right now, I'm just tired of being tired.

My blog is about dieting but I'm thinking about changing the main focus to something else. Do any of you feel like switching gears sometimes? I don't want to give up on my self about getting thinner. I'm just tired of the daily fight with food.


  1. Actually I know exactly how you feel. I just changed my blog (Just Chrissie) so that I can switch gears. Even though today is my first new post...I already feel like this is a positive step in the right direction. So maybe this is what you need to do as well.

  2. Hi Sweetie!
    I'm so sorry you're not feeling up to par & frustrated. Let your blog be whatever you want it to be. This is part of your journey, too.
    I've been AWOL myself for 2 months
    but felt ok to get back to it today.
    I started eating better & walking again a week ago. I feel better already. I finally figured out WHY I want to lose weight & I want it more than being fat & unhealthy.
    It's taken a LOOOONG time to figure this out.
    I hope you're able to recover quickly from your anemia & get back to feeling more energetic & enthusiastic.

  3. I feel like switching gears all of the time, its your blog, blog about what makes you happy, not every sentence has to be about dieting and weight loss. Look at my blog, I blog about my dogs, my husband, stupid things that happen out in the real world and a I throw in a bit of diet and recipes for good measure. Let blogging be your outlet it shouldn't feel like a chore.

  4. I'm where you're at. I've kinda given up on fighting the good fight at the moment untill i can feel real commitment rather than half hearted attempts every other day.
    I think it's the constant self condemnation that keeps us fat!
    Red meat is good for you, but it's gotta be lean.
    Get better :o)

  5. My blog has "weight" in the title, but I write about other things in my life too. Since everything in and around my life affects me, and therefore affects my physical and/or emotional health, it also affects my weight.

    Also, why not? Phht! It is my blog, afterall!

    Your blog is your rules. Feel free to change them whenever you want to whatever you want!

  6. Hi Tena!!!
    It was nice to "see" you on my blog! I miss you & I hope you're just resting & taking a break. When you're ready to come back, we'll be here for you!

  7. Tena, you can just buy plain oatmeal too which is what I'll be eating when I'm done the PC Blue Menu. Basically I'm eating mostly unprocessed food. I try to eat a protein with a vegetable every meal. Aside from the oatmeal & chickpeas & kidney beans I'm not eating any starchy carbs. I'll add them in later but right now I'm just focused on getting a major amount of fat off my body.
    I feel great & NOTHING I've tried this year has made me lose fat this fast so I'm sticking to it.

  8. Um, if you don't eat meat, and you don't eat carbs, what do you eat? I realize that you'd like to lose weight, but you are talking like an orthorexic. I used to overeat "healthy foods" and never be quite satisfied, now I eat small amounts of fatty protein, sometimes even sugary fatty stuff, and I'm losing weight, because it really doesn't take that much to make me feel satisfied. Cheese, chocolate almonds, peanut butter, bacon, chocolate milk, cashews, nothing is off limits. Food is not the enemy, that seems, to me at least, a recipe for disaster.