Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something New

Sometimes the routine of it all can get you down. So, today I decided to try something different. Here in the big city of Houston we have something called Urban Harvest Farmers Market which offers locally-produced veggies, fruits, and farm products. They are open every Saturday from 8am to noon, rain or shine.

I had such a great time and bought some good stuff. This will become a regular thing for me, for sure. Not only were there fruits and veggies, but there was fresh bread (which I avoided since I'm low-carbing it), local honey, a coffee bar, fresh juice, live music, and a restaurant preparing a recipe with local food for you to taste. If I'd brought more cash with me, I'd have spent it all!

Here's my loot!

Last week we had tons of rain. I got in a few bike rides and two weight training workouts. It looks like the scale doesn't want to move this week, bummer. I haven't been very hungry, which is a good thing, but I think I'm not eating enough calories. My hypothyroid-lack-o-metabolism-body just might be staging a coo. Whatever, I'll win in the end :)

Have a great weekend. Drink some water, 'k?

eta: sorry for the little pictures, I shot these with my iphone and sent them too small, me thinks ;)


  1. Happy Saturday, Tena!
    Farmer's Markets are great for colour and atmosphere.

  2. Expect the occasional plateau - the *woosh!*
    You'll make up for lost time!
    It just bee'z that way sometimez.

  3. Ohhh lovely!!!! I am going to have to check that out very soon! The peppers are amazing looking - will have to get some and do them stuff with couscous!


  4. I love farmers' markets! I planned to go today, but went to a peach festival instead. I'd hoped to buy some peaches, but you had to buy a huge box!

    Just keep after it - the scale sometimes lags behind...

  5. Pretty veggies! I love that farmers' markets are so festive! Unfortunately, the closest one to me is several miles away--too far to make it a weekly shopping experience, but it's always fun when I do go.

    wishing you strength to ride out this plateau! I'm sure you'll break through soon!

  6. Oh I wanna go to a farmers market! The one is Dallas is so huge though...I'd rather check out a smaller one somewhere closer. I'm had me at coffee ;^)

    Sorry for the mini-plateau. Hope next week is better!

  7. There is just nothing better than a morning spent at the Farmers' Market "investing" in the wonderful, fresh produce there. It's one of my favorite things. Your haul looks lovely...and delicious, too.

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the farmers market! So much more variety and freshness than the grocery store! Hope it hasn't been too hot for you to bike! Horrible here in Pennsylvania, but I need to get out an get a good ride in!