Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Losing Hope

That's not what I expected of myself, but that seems to be where I am with my weightloss. I've been trying to stick with my diet for a few weeks now and lately I just can't do it. I'm very upset with myself, too. I'm going on a trip in April and had hoped to lose twenty pounds by then. Now, I'd be surprised if I lose five.

I know it's all about what you put into it that counts. I always feel like I'm ready to give it 100%. Then, out of the blue, I just cave in and eat stuff. I'm beginning to feel like I'll never be able to stick to a diet again. I've been dieting since my teens. All the time, year after year, my thoughts are about what I can and cannot eat. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of my inability to lose weight.

Sorry, this post is down and out. I'm depressed about it and feeling hopeless. I feel fatter than I've ever felt before. Maybe it's just time to give up. I don't even feel like blogging anymore.


  1. I feel ya, totally. But you CAN do this! Its easy to get overwhelmed looking at the big picture, I've found it helpful to break it into smaller steps. Focus on being healthy one meal at a time. Its easy to make the right choices ONCE. Then repeat. Before you know it you'll have new healthy habits.

  2. Nope. It's never time to give up. Ever.

    We all have down days when we want to quit. Personally, I prefer the "throw myself on the floor kicking my heels and screaming at the top of my lungs tantrum" sort of quitting, but then I realize that I just burned about a zillion calories with my little snit-fit so I get up and go on. Struggling is better than caving, especially when caving means all sorts of nasties, like diabetes, stroke and being consigned to never wearing cute clothes.

    So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the wagon. I'll make the driver wait for you.

    Holler my way if you need some more propping up. I'm good for it. angelapea(at)gmail.com.

  3. Thanks, Tricia and Angela Pea. I appreciate the nudge. Maybe I should throw a fit and get it over with, lol.

  4. Oh no no no. Don't give up. Perhaps it would be better to not think of it as a "diet" but a lifestyle change. And lifestyle changes can allow for speciall occasion dinners where the calories don't count. And the very next meal you're back to eating healthy. It's better for your sanity to look at it that way.

    Messed up on a meal or two? Stop. Regroup. Get right back on it.

    You can do anything...ANYTHING because you are strong. Never never never give up. The very next meal you have a clean slate and can do exactly what you need to do.

    And believe it or not, positive thinking goes a long way. Turn that negative into a positive. Example: I screwed up but I'm right back at it and determined.

  5. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time to give up on dieting. Dieting is about deprivation and who wouldn't tire of that?

    Tena, you are beautiful right here & right now. We get one life. Go ride your bike when the wether's great. Take some pictures of the world as you see it. Travel and see the world. Live YOUR life as you want.

  6. What Kelly said. I so understand how you're feeling though as I have been there so many times. Remember, this too shall pass. Our feelings change frequently. Don't quit or you'll be looking back in 6 months time saying, "Why didn't I just keep at it." ((hugs))

  7. What ~Darla~ said works for me, too.
    In 6 months, we will all look back. And say either
    "I wish I had changed it all when I had a chance..."
    "I am soooo glad I changed it all when I did!"

    Love ya, Tena! Please don't give up - on yourself!

  8. I was really moved with this post. I've felt these things so many times! Losing weight is such a tough battle, and I feel that it's an unfair battle: shame and guilt and judgment from myself and other people come into it. So, if I'm going to fight for my weight loss goal, I'm already handicapped with all these feeling and screwed up perceptions.

    Still, don't give up. Never give up : )