Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hooray for unexpected days off! Thursday morning, at 5:30 a.m., I got a message from the school that we had a massive power outage and they would send an update if we were to come in later in the day. Well, the update said "no school today due to no power on campus." Woo Hoo! Can you tell I'm trying to tone down my excitement?! True, I'll be a little behind on some things, but I work well under pressure :).

A note about the power outage - we are having some construction work done on campus and I'm pretty sure that has played a part in our outage. The building that I'm in now will be torn down and a nice new one will take it's place. During Spring break, we'll be moved from our offices into some temporary buildings and they'll start on tearing down the old to make way for the new. We're all excited and yet a little apprehensive. And, my co-worker that I've been filling in for (a lot) is having back surgery right after we come back from break. I feel the stress pulling my shoulders up already but the bike riding is helping me keep it in perspective. I can't control the changes but I can control how it affects me. I'm just going to keep calm and carry on.

So, Thursday morning, with the threat of rain in the afternoon, I went for my bike ride. It was a little cloudy and very windy. I worked up a good sweat fighting the wind. Then I took Sydney for a walk. I've been taking her for a walk after I get back from riding. She needs a lifestyle change, too. I took her to the vet last week (that's her in the picture buckled up for safety) for a check up and some shots and was told she needed to lose a few pounds. She loves going for walks and it motivates me to get out there and walk more so it's a win-win thing. I'm planning on repeating the ride and walk today, too.

It never did really rain yesterday, except for a few sprinkles but I'm glad I got my ride in early. I've been doing good with my food. I'm still doing low carb, but I've had to count my calories and watch my portions. I tend to think that since it's low carb that I can have as much as I want. Hah. What was I thinking? I'm also logging what I eat, which I don't like because I get a little obsessive, but I MUST be strict with myself for a while until it becomes habit again.

So glad it's Friday and I am so happy to have the day off. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. Oh girl, I feel you on the work reconstruction/moving/remodeling.

    What a cute puppy and what a good dog owner you are!

  2. I'm so glad it's Friday too. Enjoy your weekend and your unexpected day off!

  3. Sydney is supercute! What a face!

    Logging is important. Whether on the computer, in a notebook, or keeping index cards in your purse to log stuff. Whatever. I use Sparkpeople, though, some days, when I'm on the go-go-go, I just do a constant tally in my head which I repeat until it's "set" as I go through what I eat and drink. I used to use a small notebook, but If ound that as I eat less and have more structured rituals to eating, I can just keep it in my head till I get home.

    If you haven't visited the primarian blog (low carb) REFUSE TO's really good. It's from the perspective of two ladies who have lost and kept off the weight, but the tips and mindset apply to the "losing" category.

    Best to you and Sydney...

  4. "I can't control the changes but I can control how it affects me."
    Great words - not always easy -
    I know it will all work out ok!

  5. Hey Tena!
    I hope you enjoyed your day off and the sun was out over there. We had some welcomed sunshine yesterday.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! As far as the price of bacon going up in April-I ran into a guy who is thinking of opening a Firehouse Subs and he mentioned that bacon (for one) will rise in price enough that the sandwich shops will have to increase their sandwich prices as much as $2 per sandwich. Milk will probably go over $4 a gallon too. Gas has been rising 10 cents a gallon a day for the past week. Fun times, huh!
    Dorie Greenspan's "From My French Table" is excellent. I cook almost exclusively from it these days. I can easily substitute things that I may feel are not waist-line friendly and still have amazing results. Check out a copy from your local library or borrow one from a friend if you can to try out a few recipes. The short rib recipe was in Bon Apetit in Dec. Here's a link if you want to try it.

    See you on the blogs!

  6. Hi Girl!

    I just read your Losing Hope post. I wish i had popped by sooner with some sage advice. LOL! Like i have the answers. :) But i do know from experience that life is a roller coaster and you have to learn to go with the ebb and flow of life. Some days, weeks, months are gonna be easy then out of the blue for no reason at all what was easy gets hard. Then you have to dig your heels in with the knowledge safely locked away that 'this too shall pass'...and it will become easier again.

    Don't beat yourself up and my goodness don't quit because success is right around the corner. Don't think just becasuse you made a lifestyle change that , that change is gonna be good for you for the rest of yourlife....Are you just standing still? no your life is changing all the time why shouldn't your diet and exercise lifestyle change too. Be flexible. And most of all love yourself ....right where you are , right now. Whew! I hope some of that made sense. LOL! Its not easy to change your life believe me i know. But the key i believe is to never give up and to be your own best friend. Beat yourself up less and smile more! Hugs deb

  7. I just read your losing hope post, and I'm glad you are feeling better! Sorry I wasn't there for you at the time.

    I do think there is a "caloric" component to low carb. I think part of the theory is that the protein/fat of the food will curb the appetite, thus the low carb diet is also a low cal diet. So I think you are wise to watch the calories just a bit. Still, when you are truly hungry, you must eat.

    Are you back to school tomorrow?