Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update + Sunday Snapshots

I have fallen by the blogging wayside. Thank you to all for missing me. I have been checking on most of you. So even if I didn't leave a comment, I tried to keep up with you. Last week and this week I haven't felt like I had much to say. I've been overwhelmed by some events over the last few weeks that don't even involve me. But sometimes when things happen to people that you hold dear, it's like you feel their pain and so it indirectly affects you. Does that make sense? My heart has been heavy for some of my coworkers. One lost their dad after a long illness. One lost a son due to an act of violence. One made a very bad mistake that has changed his life forever. When I think of the pain and grief these people are facing, my weightloss battle seems so trivial. I just didn't want to blab on about dieting or anything else.

That doesn't mean I haven't been dieting, I have. And, I've now lost a total of 55 lbs! WooHoo! It's just coming off so slowly. But this time around it doesn't seem to bother me how slow, just so long as it comes off. I've been riding my bike and today I got on my son's elliptical trainer and did half a mile. Now, that thing'll kill ya. I think I'll incorporate that into my weekly routine on days when it's too cold or rainy (the cold part still not a problem here in H-town, dammit).

Went shopping yesterday for some new pants. My size 22's have been really baggy in the seat (yay!) so I felt it was time for some pants that fit. I don't want to invest too much in new clothes right now so a 50% off sale got me three new pairs of nice fitting pants (size 20W) to wear for awhile. Most of the 1X tops are too big in the store where I was shopping! Of course, this shop is for plus sized girls so they are more generous with the fabric so in other stores a 1X might be just right. But it was nice to try on something that a few months ago was too tight and now is too big.  I also had to get a sweater that called my name when I walked in the store. I feel very Cindy Crawford-ish in it with my new brown slacks, lol. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Now for some snapshots! This first picture is of my make-shift pantry. Karen wanted a peek! It's not much, but it's making life in the kitchen much easier.

These next pics are for Roxie. I thought of you when I rode past this beauty!

The guy that took my picture put his finger over the lense. My iPhone made him nervous!

November Sunset

Love you guys! Have a great week and be good to yourself. And don't forget to drink your water! I'm just sayin'!


  1. Wow! So many good things for you ... 55 pounds!!!!!! New sized pants!!!!!
    Thanks for posting the pic for me of your pantry. :)
    I can see why you thought of Roxie when you saw that car. Definitely a Roxie set of wheels. :)
    The Sunset is Gorgeous.

    Your coworkers sure are dealing with some heavy sh*t. I can see why you'd be affected, Tena.
    Take care of your beautiful self!

  2. Oh baby! Love, love, love the sheet metal....And it's Roxie Red!

    On a serious note - I'm so sorry to hear of your coworkers' trevails. It does make some things seem trivial. But on the other hand, it lets us know that we have just this one time through and we need to give it all we've got - and sometimes that means living at our best.

    Woo and Hoo and the weight loss and new pants. And I love that sweater - I bet it looks gorgeous on your beautiful self!

    Glad to see your update - I was missing you!



  3. Nice.
    I guess the question would be "Does a weight loss blog have to be only about losing weight?" I don't think so. I like hearing about the everyday of your life Tena. Thank you for sharing it.
    The sunset photo is beautiful.

  4. I'm sorry you've been so sad, but it speaks a lot to your character that you would feel so troubled by the struggles your friends are facing.

    I had a giggle when I saw your picture and wondered why you had to wear a helmet to sit in the fancy, schmancy car. Then I realized it was a *bicycle* helmet. (I'm not that bright, you know.) :)

    Congrats on reaching 55 pounds! You hard work is definitely paying off!