Monday, November 30, 2009

Plan B?

I don't really have a "plan b" for exercise when it's cold and yucky outside. We are actually having winter-type weather here in Houston! And Friday, they say it might snow. Whaaaa? Are you serious? I do not know how to dress to ride in this kind of weather. I need better gloves and something to keep my toes warm. Plastic bags, maybe?! A ski mask?

Exercising inside is not something I enjoy nor feel motivated to do. I know, people do it everyday, but I feel weird when I'm jumping around all by myself to a dvd with someone telling me what to do. And have you ever paid much attention to the idle chit-chat that goes on in these things? After a few times of hearing the same stupid remarks over and over I start making comments - like they can hear me. I do the same when I'm in traffic! It's a good thing they can't hear me :)

Anyway, I need to come up with an alternate way to get my exercise in when the weather is nasty. I don't have a gym membership, nor does it fit in my budget. I was going to the gym at the school for awhile, but 6am in the morning felt like punishment, lol. My son's elliptical hurts my knees. Walking outside hurts my knees if I walk too fast or too long. I have the Wii Fit, and it's good for yoga, but the stepping around part just makes my knees, well, you know. So, if you have a suggestion, let's hear it. Worked out to any good dvd's lately? Know of any good gear to ride in to stay toasty? I need some ideas here, folks. I've got pounds to lose and time's awastin'.

Are you drinking your water? Well, are you?


  1. I have missed your last few posts. Just catching up.

    55 lbs is awesome. I just put on a pair of pants that "fit". It feels weird after wearing baggy for so long.

    I love that I have a treadclimber at work. I let it just sit for so long! If I don't get outside to walk, I can do it inside.

    I would love some snow!

  2. I am not drinking my water and I don't have a good solution to the inside problem. I gots nothing by the way of answers. I face the same issues and end up just doing more yoga.

    Winter is arriving here, too. Blech.

  3. That cartoon made me LOL.
    I AM drinking my water, Tena, and it makes a big difference for sure.

    I'm a treadmill girl so that's my only suggestion. It was bothering my knees, shins and feet to go too fast so I just slowed it down and now I'm fine. I can go longer which means I'm burning more fat.
    I have a ton of dvds around the house and haven't used one! :(
    People here in the Great White North use Thinsulate products for the colder weather. It's light so it's not cumbersome to wear.

    Sorry I don't have better suggestions for you.
    and SNOW??? that's just not right for Texas.

  4. Have you ever looked into an indoor bike trainer? While still indoors and (to me) kind of boring, cyling seems to be the thing that doesn't hurt your knees, so it might work. I don't know anything about them, and the prices seem to vary widely, but something used might be a good option. Craigslist, anyone? Santa?

  5. I'm thinking of getting some shoe covers, like these:

    I love my Asics, but the mesh doesn't work so well in sub-40 temps. :)

    (Plead the 5th on the water issues.)

  6. What is up withthis weather? Can't we just hibernate through it? It's Houston, for crying out loud. I feel your pain.

    I was going to suggest and indoor bike trainer too. It sounds like you really enjoy the bike riding so why not bring it indoors? Hey, don't they make something that will turn your regular bike into a bike trainer? Like a stand or something? I don't know. Just thinking.

    I have to use my treadmill or DVDs because I do not exercise in cold. Ever. Never.
    I also have Wii EA Sports Active but some of it might be hard on your knees. But the good thing is that you can customize your exercises.
    I also have a hula hoop. Kind of corny but it's fun and burns calories. :)
    And there are the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs but they are so irritating to me. Does she have to be that perky?

  7. Most times I mute videos and listen to my ipod. I can only take Leslie Sansone's stupid jokes about her nose and sweat so many times before I start peeking off the edge of the cliff for some relief! LOL

  8. I've definitely been drinking my water. There's a straight path to the bathroom :)
    As for exercising? Just blast some music and sway/dance/move and have fun!

  9. urgh... thanks for the reminder. Let me fill up my cup of water. As for exercising, I get bored with working out indoors. I was thinking of checking out my community center to see if they offer any aerobics or other classes. They're usually reasonably priced. Even the junior colleges have spin classes and its pretty affordable.

    I hope the knees feel better soon.

  10. I don't like jumping around to a high-energy DVD either, it makes me very self conscious even if no one else is around. But doing other less "jumpy" exercise DVD's is okay. I've been doing ab/buns/thighs and yoga on DVD, that's not too bad (or humiliating when someone else walks in).

    Also, I know you like to ride your bike. Can you get a stationary bike and listen to your ipod while you ride? Do you have a second-hand exercise equipment store in your area? You can often get really cool equipment there for not much money.

  11. Sorry to report I haven't been drinking my water . . . as a matter of fact, I've been off the wagon in every way! Time to get back on, though . . .