Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slippery Slope

I have had a tough time with food this last week. Since our weather here has been rainy and cold and we even had snow on Friday, I haven't been able to ride my bike. I'm freaking out, too, because I've been craving carbs like there's no tomorrow. I hate this thing I have with food. Not getting enough sleep isn't helping either. Staying up late is a bad habit of mine and since I'm not exercising, I've got too much anxiety to just go to bed. I got on the scale last week and was already up 4 pounds. Yea, I'm freaking out cause I can gain it back way faster than I can take it off.

Today, is not looking much better for exercise outdoors. It's drizzling outside and still in the 50's. Come on Sun!

Here is a shot of the tiny bit of snow that was still on the ground Saturday morning. I was taking Sydney for a walk and it was really cold but sunny. I should have braved it and gone for a ride.

I rented Biggest Loser Fitness game for the Wii. It's okay, but I still don't care for indoor exercise. Maybe I'll look into finding a class somewhere like the Y. I appreciate all the great tips and ideas that you all left me. You guys really come through when advice is needed. I love that about blogging! I'm thinking of giving the hula hoop and "just dancing" a try!

Have a great Sunday, and don't forget to slurp up some water!


  1. Isn't it scary how the weight comes on soooo much faster than it leaves?

    Nothing wrong with putting on some tunes and just dancing around the house. That burns calories just like an exercise DVD does!

  2. I feel your pain. I've finally resigned myself to indoor exercise (mostly) for the next few months. I'm not happy about it, to say the least. :(

    Hang in there!

  3. Yeah, the weather is really crummy where I live as well. However, I don't mind exercising indoors. Have you ever tried a Jazzercise class? To my understanding, it's a cross between your "just dancing" idea and an aerobics class.

    I know you can get back on track with the eating because I have done the same thing as you before, sort of "fall off the wagon." Just know that you can jump back on anytime! Good luck!

  4. Hi Tena,
    I am gaining slowly too. I have been really down so it is expected...
    Hope you can find something to do indoors. I enjoy the trampoline with a video from Youtube...Though the only thing I like right now is food, books and bathtubs!

  5. Tena,

    I love the dancing around the house idea. I'm thinking of creating a new dance mix playlist. For some crazy-ass reason, I love the new Lady GaGa song! It makes me want to move....

    What's on your playlist?

  6. It is so hard for me to get out there when it is cold! Loving the dancing idea :-)