Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bike me.

Today we had sun. Lots of sun. It's still kinda chilly, but having the sun up in that big, blue, Texas sky, was just what my soul needed today. I've been doing very little self-care lately. Mostly, letting stress be the dictator of my mood. I'm looking for validation in all the wrong places, again.

So, Nellie and I went for a ride today. It was 57 degrees and sunny! I spent part of the ride chasing spots on the ground because I kept looking up at the sun :). I rode today without tunes so I could really be in the moment. And the peacefulness of the ride helped me realize that everyday I need to make better choices. Choices that concern only me. And that is not being selfish, it's self-careing. A new concept for me, but I need to practice it until I get good at it.

Have a great weekend. Practice self-care and don't forget to drink your water!


  1. My walk today was music-less as well. It nice to listen to my breathing and the wind (and cars haha!)

    Here is to us both taking more care of ourselves... starting with me going to bed... RIGHT NOW!

  2. Whoa, Nellie!
    Stress is a good feed-back tool, but a harsh dictator!
    Glad you saw the pattern, and broke free from the "cycle!"

  3. That Anne, she's such a punster!

    Validation, she is a bitch. Just remember, you don't need anyone else's input - you are enough. Just Tena, as you are, right now. You may wish to make changes, and that's fine, but you have all you need right there with you. We all know it.


  4. Hi Tena,
    Been missing you.
    You do need to be "selfish". Remember...On a plane "put on your mask first, then help others..." This is something I think of when I feel the urge to put myself on the back burner...How can I take care of anyone if I'm burnt out?
    Take care of you!

  5. Tena - I am with Andrea. Be extra kind to yourself and know we are here to listen and root you on!

  6. It might be cold out, but I love this weather even on a bike. Found your blog through another... congrats on your progress!

  7. Hello, I'm glad to find your blog and I love what you're doing here. Very inspiring. That daily mile widget you've got in your sidebar is great! Thanks for your name suggestion for my mannequin. The great thing about this giveaway is all the great new blogs I'm discovering through it!

  8. Hello -- I just happened upon your blog and enjoyed reading on your progress. Keep up the good work!

    ~ Megs