Monday, June 16, 2008

How much sweat equals a pound?

I was on my way to visit my mom on Friday driving on the freeway in Houston when it happened. The cool air I was enjoying while listening to Sheryl Crow became less than cool. The temp outside of course is near 90 but my A/C usually freezes my fanny off. What the crap is going on? I still had an hour to drive before I could get some nice cool air and a glass of peach tea.
Well maybe if I sweat a lot, I'll lose a pound.

Tuesday Morning has some really cool stuff but you can spend a day in there and still feel like you must be missing a real find. It is kind of like being at a garage sale, only more organized. Not my favorite thing to do, shop endlessly on a Saturday, but mom liked it so that was okay with me.

This week I am sticking to the South Beach way of eating. I lost a pound over two weeks and really need to lose a little faster than that this summer. It is too freakin hot here in Texas. You would think as a native I'd be able to deal with it. But I never, never, never will.


  1. Welcome to the Healthy you challenge! Good Luck & Stay cool!

  2. Hi there! Welcome to HYC! Losing AC in a car is no fun. Happened to us last week. UGH.

  3. Welcome to the challenge.

    I don't know much about losing AC, but I do know having it back is nice. My last 2 cars have been 4 by 60 AC (4 windows open, 60 miles an hour!) and now we have one that has AC. Bliss. Heaven.

    Just make sure you drink more, if you are sweating a lot.

  4. I was born here (Houston) and I hate the heat too. I think I'm just genetically programmed to like cooler weather. I'm 44, so if I haven't gotten used to it by now, looks like I'm not gonna.

    Welcome to the HYC community. Nice to meet a fellow Houstonian.

  5. Welcome to the HYC!! I wonder about how much weight I drop in sweat during those hot summer days. I live in a state where the winters are always freezing cold and I never get used to it either! There is just something wrong with that!

    Good luck with South Beach...that is what I've been doing this month and have had some good results.

  6. Welcome on board! I am on a low-carb diet also. South Beach is a great program.

  7. Welcome to the HYC!! Looking forward to following your losses this summer!!

  8. Welcome to the HY Challenge! It's a wonderfully supportive group of bloggers and I hope you enjoy it! :)