Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obsessive Scale Jumping

Do you ever get on and off the scale when you weigh yourself? I think I am hoping that by some miracle, I will lose a pound just by getting on and off several times. I hate that I get obsessed with the thing. It calls to me in the morning as soon as my alarm goes off. I strip off my gown (thank heavens no one can see that!) and get on the scale...ever so gently. Like I'm sneaking up on it. But it lets me know I'm there...every ounce of me.

And when the numbers do not meet with my approval, I shrug and say "I'll get you tomorrow." I used to get depressed if I didn't lose everyday. I'm 51 now and I think I've finally realized that as long as I'm making positive changes everyday, it will pay off. I just have to stick with it...and try to stay off the scale.


  1. I don't jump off and on it, but I do weigh myself several times to see if I shift my weight just right the number will change...

    It never does, but I still do it. Oh well!

  2. Welcome to the HYC! I'm 51 too. Also obsessed with the scale. it's a love/hate relationship. Right now there is no love....

  3. I do this too. I have a crappy WW scale. I can step on it 3 times & I'll get a different # each time. Doesn't stop me from jumping on & off every day, though :)
    I remember a time in my 20's when I dieted & every day I'd lose at least a 1/2 pound. It was very motivating but it just doesn't happen like that for me anymore. I AM ever hopeful that it'll happen like this again :)