Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feel free to feed the fish!

I know, this has nothing to do with my diet but lately I've been needing a diversion. I found these cute little fish on someones blog and just had to have them. They will follow your mouse around and if you want to feed them, just click anywhere in the "tank" and you will see little bits of food. They swim over and eat it up. It doesn't take much to get me excited, can you tell?!

Anyway, back to the diet. What diet?!! I have so not been on any kind of healthy plan. I don't know what my problem is. I think I'm just bored with all this thinking about food and what to eat and what not to eat. I wonder what thin people do with their time since food is not an issue usually for them day in and day out. It just gets boring.

Of course, I'm not giving up. I can't or I would balloon up so fast it would make your head swim. I think I just needed to regroup and figure out a better way approach losing more weight.


  1. I love the fish.
    so cool.


    am I the only one who has never seen em before?


  2. I love the little fish. They are great. I agree its hard to focus on food all the time.

  3. Those fish are way cute. And I bet they don't turn on each other and eat the weakest if you forget to feed them...unlike my brother's fish. Not that I did that or anything.