Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stormy Weather

Rain!!! I love it. I really do. Especially when I get to stay home and not drive in it. We were under threat of a Tropical Storm, named Edouard (please, can we just use numbers?!). The outcome of this storm has mostly been rain and some auto accidents from crazy folks thinking they can still go fast on slick roads. People, be careful!! Anyway, my place of employment decided to give us the day off in case the storm became a hurricane. So now I'm at home enjoying the cooler, although wetter, day.

This is supposed to be the HYC weigh-in day for me but I have not been eating right lately so I think I will skip the scale today. I need to remind myself why I am choosing to eat right. Why can't I make the right choices day after day. Why do I feel the need to eat crap? What does that say about what I think of myself. I think I like myself. I mean I don't get up every morning and beat myself up (verbally). Do I want to lose weight, or what?!! Yes!!! I really do but sometimes it seems like I'm on a big teeter-totter. One day I'm up and the next day I'm down. I have been doing that thing again where if no one else knows I'm eating it, then it does not matter. Well, it does matter and I just need to get a grip.


  1. Could you maybe post your food intake on your blog for accountability?
    I think it's better to avoid the scale, too, if you think it's going to bring you down.
    Get off the teeter-totter and get on the slide *g*
    I'm glad to hear that the storm isn't raging like expected and that you can stay home in safety. I don't like driving in crappy weather, either.

  2. Glad you're home & off the roads. Sometimes avoiding the scale is a good thing. I do it every now & then, won't stress myself out watching it creep back up. You'll get back on track, If this was so easy, we wouldn't need to blog or beat ourselves up about it!

  3. I too used to eat junk but since logging/journaling everything I eat, I seem to be eating so much better. I always heard that was the trick but could not believe that just by writing something down that was going to help but believe it or not, it works. One other change is I do my workouts first thing in the morning and get it out of the way that way I will no excuses throughout the day of why I cannot get my workout in. It seems like too if I have a good workout in the morning, I want to finish out the day by eating good.