Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mystery Solved!

If you've read my blog in the past you might remember that I've posted some pics of a trip I took in 2005. I went on a cruise and one of the stops was Venice. I love Venice and want to go back some day. Anyway, while I was there, I kept seeing these big red penguins (see picture) placed on some of the balconies of some of the hotels and other buildings. Honestly, ever since then I've wondered what the heck they were all about.

Well, the strangest thing happened today. I was visiting a favorite photo blog called Paris Daily Photo, and wahl-la, mystery solved. An Italian artist group called "The Cracking Art Group" makes huge plastic animals, exhibits them and then recycles them when they are done. Their penguins were in Venice when I was there! I am so excited to finally know why there were big red penguins everywhere. Well, I still don't know why they were there, but at least I know who put them there!

Have a great Saturday and don't forget to drink your water!


  1. I went to Italy 3 years ago and Venice was the last stop on our trip. I liked Venice but Rome was my favourite :)

    We saw much of the country and if you didn't, I highly recommend going to the Amalfi Coast!

  2. Yay, mystery solved!

    I really like your attitude about this blog being about change. I think that's the best way to look at this thing we call "weight loss." And much healthier too.

  3. Very cool! I have a video of the pigeons trying to steal my watch in the square. I need to post it sometime.

    I hope you have a wonderful, healthful weekend. I always look forward to your posts. You have such a great attitude.

  4. *sigh* I love Venice!

    LOL at the penguins - how great it is to solve a long mystery like that. Someone put cows in Edinburgh City like that.

  5. I went to Italy 2 years ago for our Honeymoon. We saw something like 10 cities during our trip. I loved Venice but Florence was my fav. The Amalfi Coast was gorgeous too! I also loved Capri. Ok, ok I loved it all.

  6. I'm jealous. Venice is on my "must-visit" list, but the down dollar makes international travel tough these days.

    Thanks for the H2O reminder.

  7. Those crazy Italians. :-)

    :::runs and grabs water:::

  8. They did something similar in Cape Town a few years ago - only with cows. And they got people to paint the cows with different designs for a fee as a way of raising funds. These technicolor cows were all over the place!

    I've never been to Venice...

  9. I want a big red penguin!
    Tomorrow I am going to a dollar store and buying a bag of plastic toys and I'm just going to leave them all over the place. I live downtown, so shop window sills here I come. Maybe I'll spray paint them red in honour of your penguins.
    Will that be littering?
    Happy weekend.

  10. I'm all over the water today! :D

  11. How cool to finally find out what those things were!

    And I love your photos :)

  12. Jealous. Been to Rome - want to see Venice and Florence next. How bizarre about the red penguins. Great picture!!! love it. still jealous.