Monday, May 18, 2009

Well, now I'm not so sure.

I used to like cooking. I mean nothing got me more excited than a new recipe. So this weekend I went shopping for the ingredients for a dish I wanted to cook. I bought all the fixins and went to chopping and stirring and baking and cleaning up all the dang mess. I must try to use every utensil in the drawer.

After it was done, I ate a serving and it tasted okay. I mean it was good, sorta like a Mexican lasagna (corn tortillas, chicken, cheese, green chilies, in a sour cream sauce). My son came in later and ate some; he liked it a lot. I just didn't get that overall joy that I used to get when I cooked. Maybe it's because I don't cook that often anymore. Maybe it's because my son is hardly ever there to eat anything. Maybe it's because my mom is picky and doesn't ever think I wash my hands enough. Maybe I just don't like it. Anyway, it just wasn't fun.

I am going to make a veggie dish this week that has quinoa in it. I love that stuff so maybe it will be worth the effort. Otherwise, I think I'm giving up the apron and going one step further than just buying precut veggies. Maybe I'll just buy TV dinners, lol.

Have a good week everyone. We had a cool front come through here and it feels fantastic outside. Like a cool Pacific coast breeze. That reminds me, don't forget to hydrate!


  1. I don't enjoy cooking the way I used to either. I only do it because I enjoy eating, lol!

  2. Well I'm fortunate that way... I've never really enjoyed cooking. I have no expectations about it. That's one of the reasons I love our way of eating - lots of soups (that basically cook themselves) and salads. And they're all delicious!

    Don't buy ready-made food! The horror! It's really unhealthy...

  3. I have had times like that, where the dish just didn't seem worth all the effort. And I also seem to enjoy my time in the kitchen more during the cooler months.

    I just bought my first bag of quinoa yesterday! So I will be on the look out for ways to use it...hint, hint! :-)

    Well, if you are doing TV dinners then I am just calling Domino's!! :-)

  4. Amen on the ready-made stuff. Some of it can hardly be accurately described as "food."

    This time of year (esp once the tomatoes come in) we find ourselves eating a lot of cold salads and simple dinners.

  5. I am so with you...I do not enjoy cooking one bit anymore. Especially when you put an hour into preparing the dish and you are met with turned up noses from your kids and your husband says "it's ok"...
    When my children are grown and gone, I will probably visit the salad bar at the local grocery store and tell my hubby he can have a box of cereal. LOL

  6. It does feel awesome outside! Love it. :)

    Meh, I think we go through phases where cooking is a blast and then other times it's a chore. But we have to eat and TV dinners aren't as yummy as home cookin' and have lots of sodium. You'll get your groove back. ;~)

  7. I don't enjoy cooking either. I have issues with touching , cooking and eating meat right now. I love this Medifast thing I'm on because I only have to think about one cooked/made meal a day. Sad thing is I am even having trouble with that:(. Do you have a grill? Food tastes so much better on it and it's pretty easy.Last summer I grilled all the time.

  8. Quinoa is my favorite. It is so versatile. I eat it in the morning as porridge with honey and sliced apple and in place of rice or pasta for stir fry. Glad to see you like it too.

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  9. Cooking is definitely something that is the most fun when you have someone that is there that really appreciates it!

    In lieu of that.....enjoy the tv dinners!