Saturday, May 30, 2009

School's Out!

Ahhhhhh. School is out and testing is OVER for this year! Hall-ee-lu-yah! Even though I work through the summer, not having kids on campus is a nice break. I already feel better and I'm ready to get serious about losing some more weight. I haven't really tried in a couple of months and I feel like my mid-section is giving me the "eye."

I think I need to remind myself why I want to lose weight in the first place. A few good reasons come to mind:

Be healthier

Look better

Shop in regular stores

Live longer

Wear sexy shoes

Look better

Go kayaking

Ride my bike faster

Not be worried about where I sit

Not the fatty in the room

Sitting at a booth without squeezing myself into it

I could go on, but I think those kinda hit all the high points. I feel like I've been in a rut lately about my eating so I'm going to try something different. Not to be a copy-cat, but I love the way some of you post pics of what you eat at each meal, so I'm going to try doing that next week. I try to remember everything I eat so I can log it at but by the time I get around to logging it in, I forget some of what I've eaten. Posting the pics will also make me be more accountable in my choices.

Changing the subject, but I think I'm obsessed with Venice. Today while eating my breakfast (at 10:30am, love Saturday) I watched a great foreign film called "Bread and Tulips". It is a sweet movie about a woman giving her life a new beginning. Kinda how I'm feeling these days. The photography was perfect and I got to see so much more of Venice than I did on the cruise. The subtitles were easy to follow. If you can find it, rent it!

Hope your weekend is a good one. By the way, I haven't said thanks to you guys lately for being such good friends! Your support is what gets me up and going some days!

Oh yeah, don't forget to drink your water!!


  1. We have to be twin sisters from a different life! I love Bread and Tulips and I just finished rewatching Il Postino. Lovely Italian film.

    Have a wonderful weekend - you are a delight to read.

  2. Always fun reading your posts. I agree with all the reasons to lose weight. Think you covered all my bases, too.

    Hope you'll now have a few minutes to "chillax" before summer activites really get going.

  3. Man, I know everyone says it but I truly could have written this post. Your idea of taking pics of your food inspires me and scares me at the same time. LOL It's like..."oh yeah, that would so make me accountable....oh wait...that would SO MAKE ME ACCOUNTABLE" LOL
    I look forward to your food pics though, those are always fun to view in a blog.

  4. Enjoy the start of your summer. I totally agree with all your reasons ... except kayaking! :)

  5. Great reasons and great timing... You can make wonderful progress this summer! Go for it!

  6. I relate to all of those reasons, but I was just thinking about sexy shoes... The show What Not to Wear on TLC?? Yeah. They talk about the visual benefits of high heels, and that you can find comfortable ones... well not for 300 pound people. I want to wear high heels comfortably, and without putting myself in danger!! Right now I am sure to roll my ankle, or have instant pain- So I am with you on the quest for sexy shoes!

  7. Your title reminds me of the Alice Cooper song "Schools out".

    I am looking forward to school getting out. But, I will be challanged to keep a very intelligent 7 year old boy from not getting bored. He's bored in school. Mommy is looking forward to not having crazy rushing out the door mornings. :)

  8. Added the movie to my Netflix queue!

    I love it when people post pics of their food. I want to do it more often myself.

    And right back at you chick! You are so supportive and just plain lovable!!

  9. Tena - do you remember a movied called Shirley Valentine? This woman left her husband behind and went to Greece. I wanted to see Greece for years after I saw that movie. Venice is on my list as well. BonGiorno