Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 1 of The Summer of LowCarb

It's day one of my 30 day locarb plan. I did good. I've added my food diary back over there on the left along with the number of pounds I've lost so far. Of course, at one point that little counter said 45 lbs lost, but that's all water under the bridge right now.

I'm not hungry and I feel like I'm in control. It really does help me to log everything I eat. My calorie count was a little low today, but I didn't get to exercise so the extra calories weren't needed. I ate small portions of fruit and veggies along with lots of lean protein. I really do know what to eat to lose weight. Why I get lazy about it, I'll never know.

A few years ago I did South Beach and one of my favorite treats was diet root beer with a little heavy cream or ff half & half. It tastes just like a root beer float! Sip it with a straw for the whole soda shop effect :D

Have a super Tuesday!


  1. Summer is a great time to go LoCarb because there are so many treats like the "root beer float!"

  2. Good to see you back on track and in control, Tena!

  3. lazy schmazy :)
    you just veered off the path for a bit :)
    we've all done it.

    welcome home, errr, back :)


  4. Thanks, ya'll! I appreciate you're support - more than you can imagine.

    I like what you said, Caral, that I just veered off the path for a bit. I'm back to it and it does feel like home.

  5. Hi Tena!
    Seems the diary is key...
    Keep it up!
    Right here next to you.
    I got a bike last week. Have yet to get on her though. Just a cheap out of the box store bike but new and has working brakes! ;)
    I'll be thinking of you when I ride!

  6. Took a little detour did ya? Welcome back to the pack Miss Tena. Good to see you!