Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stressful week coming up. Proctoring AP tests at school, oh joy. Mood swings and depression are trying to set in. I'm feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I start something and then don't finish it. I read a blog post and start to leave a comment and then close the page. I can't seem to lose any weight and I don't feel like exercising or even riding my bike. This doesn't seem to be much of a blog these days.


  1. Dear one, that's when it really becomes a blog.
    When it shows the "real deal!"
    After this stressful week, can you spin off, and take a wee little break?
    Maybe just getting out and about will bust up those blues.
    We could have a Texas Blogger/Jogger meet-up!
    Or coffee. Coffee would be awesome!

  2. DITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The numbers on the scale just keep going up and I still can't make myself go for a simple walk. Let's turn this around! Today!

    I'm off to the book store for inspiration:)

  3. I agree with Anne. It becomes the real deal. I haven't lost any weight since Christmas. I have kind of felt that way about my own blog.

    I wish you a less then stressful week. Get on that bike Girl! You know you'll be glad you did.

    BIG HUG!

  4. I get that tired-on-the-inside feeling ,too. Ick!
    I hope you work through it soon. Meanwhile, I'll try to think of something inspirational to do, something that would be SO astounding that it would jar you out of the lethargy! Unfortunately, I'm not currently capable of doing anything that momentous. How would a handstand work? :)

  5. I did. I bought "Raw Food Cleanse" by Penni Shelton. There is some really interesting information in there about what we are putting into our bodies, like 90% of the food we eat is processed in some way. There are different "cleanses" depending on your goals. It suggests doing the 3 day first so that's what I'm going to do. Then I hope to do the 28 day. I'm hoping this will jump start my weight loss too! If you want to do it with me...let me know!

  6. Tena,
    I am feeling the same!
    I am dreading having my usual summer depression...I've not done much of anything for the last week and a half....Sleep, read, bathtub, eat. I know where this leads yet can't find the motivation to get out the spiral....
    Weight is up too. :(
    I'm thinking of you!