Saturday, May 29, 2010

I can see clearly now.

And it's not because the rain is gone, although it is gone and that was quite a storm that blew through here last night. I can see clearly now, but on Thursday I had a weird thing happen. I was at my computer at work, drinking my coffee, checking work emails and after a few minutes the center of my field of vision was gone. I blinked and blinked and told myself to calm down but I kinda freaked inside.

Anyway, to make a very long day short, the school nurse called my doctor, he said go the the ER, because who knows what this could be. A co-worker took me to the ER at 9:30am. Finally saw a physician at 11am. By this time, I told my friend to go back to work and I'd call when I needed to be picked up. The doc said everything looked good but wanted me to see an opthalmologist. So, I cross the street (by now my vision has cleared but my head hurts, I haven't had anything to eat or drink in hours and I'm feeling pretty crappy) sit through an exam with lots of lights and eye drops. Turns out I had an ocular migraine. Well, I'm thankful that's all it was. Normally, I don't run to the doctor because a) the insurance usually sticks me with more of the bill than I expect, and b) I just don't like going.

When my friend picked me up, I was getting the shakes from not having eaten. I needed something quick and fast so I got a chicken sub sandwich and ate it even though I was very nauseated. So, low carb didn't happen on Thursday but I did my best the rest of the day.

Thursday ended well, though. Some wrens built a nest in a lantern that I have hanging on my patio. We've been watching the mom and dad take care of their babies for a few weeks now and knew they would be leaving the nest any day. Well, Thursday afternoon was their big day. The two little cuties were learning to fly and we got to watch from our den window.

This is where they built their nest.

The nest inside

There's one of the little cuties (top left)

Sorry for the blurry pic, I turned off the flash so I wouldn't blind him/her.
They would hop up the wall and then fly to the ground. It was so cute!

I miss them already. I watched the parents working hard everyday, feeding and caring for their babies and cleaning the nest. It's very quiet now out there on the patio. *sniff*sniff* I think I have empty nest syndrome, lol.

My first week of 30 days of low carb eating has been great. I had a piece of cake yesterday because we had a going away party for a very good friend at work. The cake was homemade from scratch and the girl that makes them is an incredible cake baker. I don't usually care for store bought cakes, but I couldn't pass up a small piece of this cake. And after I ate it, I was okay with it, and the rest of the day was low carb all the way. I'm in control. Finally. (fingers crossed)

Hope you have a great holiday weekend. Drink lots of water and stay cool!


  1. I had an ocular migraine really did freak me out until I found out what it was. However, I never had any pain with it, just the loss of vision and some flashing lights. We have a friend who is an ophthalmologist, so I didn't have to go to the emergency room (ugh!), we were able to just call him and he had me come over to his house. Anyway, I'm really glad that's all it was for you too.

    Some bumblebees have built a nest in one of my birdhouses, I love watching the little baby bumblebees come and go. Really, they are tiny...guess I never thought before about the fact that bees are little and then grow bigger. Isn't nature wonderful? :)

  2. Awesome job on the first week o' lower carb!
    And they vision thing - yikes....glad you are better!
    Fly, fly, fly!

  3. I know first hand how scary that can be. I havent had one in forever, I am so thankful.

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm glad you're ok Tena and that it wasn't more serious than it was!

    LOL @ empty nest syndrome ... :D ... good one!
    That would've been pretty cool watching the cycle go on right under your nose.

    YAY for being on track Tena!!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!
    Will there be fireworks involved?

  5. I'd never heard of ocular migraines before, and now I've heard of them twice in one week. (The Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman had one in the middle of a game. Ball blew right buy him, and he never saw it.)

    I'm glad you're okay, and I sure hope you don't have a repeat performance.