Monday, August 16, 2010

Where's the duct tape?

Seriously, where IS the duct tape? I need to put it over my mouth. I've made it through today doing South Beach. No sugar. No starch. But I'm feeling the pull and it's only 6:20 pm. I'll be going to bed early tonight if it gets too bad. I will not give in. Sugar will not tempt me. Sugar will not tempt me...

Tomorrow is the first day of school. The new freshmen will be roaming the halls and looking like scared rabbits. The seniors will be feeling freedom on the horizon and the rest of the kids will just be excited to be back. I love the first day of school. My new job has me more involved with the students and I like that. It's going to be a great year.

No ride today. It came a gully-washer, which was good enough to cool things down, but not good timing.

Take care and don't forget to watch out for school zones.


  1. Sugar IS tempting. Face it, the stuff tastes good.
    BUT, as you've noted, it's too often not manageable, so we try to limit or omit it. I'm more of a 'limit' than 'omit' person, but I have some success imagining sugar in its granular form and then imagining myself standing next to a pile of it. Obviously I'm made of stronger stuff than sugar grains, and that visualization helps me feel more in control when tempted by something sweet. YOU are stronger than sugar grains, too.

  2. I don't think that I eat much sugar but I bet that if I cut it out I would realize differently.

    School here doesn't start until September 7th.

  3. I love it that you are loving the start of the new year and your new responsibilities! Think of the new possibilities - this is just awesome.

    I hope you survived your evening w/o the sugar fix.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, Tena! Send some of that cool rain this way.

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  5. Isn't it absolutely awful that sugar only begats more sugar (or the urge for more sugar)?! I like your idea of duct tape. Cuz I haven't figured out another easier way! :)

  6. Days like that, I chew and chew and chew SugarFree gum.
    It was Ice Breakers. But I found TRIDENT has 1 carb per.
    So it's like a stop-gap for me!

  7. Tena, Thanks for your help with the Am. Cancer society post.
    I didn't realize it was so poorly written ( I did a quick cut & paste from an email.)

    I appreciate your help. Thanks again.