Saturday, August 7, 2010

You know you're out of shape when...

You throw your back out giving yourself a pedicure! That's what I did today. All was fine when I got up. Then I looked at my pitiful looking toes and went to work on making them pretty. I propped my foot up on the bathroom vanity and stayed that way while clipping, filing, polishing, etc. Then when I went to put my foot down on the floor...Crap, my back just froze up and I could hardly move. So today I've been laying around, sitting around, popping some pills and that's about it. Not exactly what I had planned.

I'm in a better frame of mind, though. Thanks to all who offered support. I appreciate this caring group so much. I've been thinking that  I need to find some creative ways to spend my time. Maybe starting an art journal or a photo blog. Or I might change the name of this blog and just mix it up. Who knows. I just know I need to be creative. I used to draw and write a lot and I want to get back to it.

Hope you have a great weekend. Take care.


  1. Go with what you love! and next time go to the nail salon;) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Do it! You know how much I value that sort of thing...I think you and I have a lot of personality traits in common...
    Did you only get one foot done? :)
    I hope you are feeling *back* to norma soon...
    (ps. I know lots of in shape people who've thrown out their backs doing something much less taxing than painting their toenails!)

  3. oops!
    Back to "NORMAL"...Who's Norma?

  4. Awwww!! so sorry to hear about your back!! that is why I make the husband do it! muhahahahah rub it... rubbbb itttttt!!!!

    :) hope you are feeling better soon.

    I know what you mean - I've been trying to get my creativeness out as well. Instead of just focusing on how much I hate my fatness.

    Less blogging is all that it seems to lead to for me. Trying to get more active in the evenings, and I've joined a couple of groups. I love to sew - so have a stitching club that I do once a month. Gives me some outlet for the creativity!!

    I have another blog with pictures of my "creations". You should do it!!

  5. Dude.....I can't even reach my toenails. :) Feel better?? lol I read your last post...we all feel that way just hang in there until the sun shines again...and it will. Trust in that. :)