Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wanna burn more calories?

Get mad. I was pretty ticked about something today so to take care of all that anger I got out the vacuum cleaner when I got home from work and went to town. I think I hit an all time record for fastest vacuuming on a Tuesday night! That had to burn up some calories. I'm calming down now sorta kinda no not really, but still need to figure out how to deal with what's bugging me. Ah, well, on to other things.

I felt a bit tempted today to cheat and ate 3 York Peppermint Patties (for 150 cals-they were the little ones). I added those calories in to my total so I wouldn't go over. I'm not even hungry for dinner (I think it's still the anger issue) so I'm going to focus on drinking my water and getting to bed at a decent hour. I don't ever - and I mean ever - willingly go to bed. It's a real habit of mine - avoiding sleep. Then once I'm finally in bed and it's dark and cool and relaxing, I'm glad to be there. Weird, I know.

I'm taking my car in to the dealership tomorrow. I don't have keyless entry and for the last month my key won't open the driver side door. I've been opening the passenger side and using a cane (my late uncle's old cane), I reach over and flip the lock up so the doors will unlock. I'm sure it's hilarious to watch ;) Anyhoo, now the passenger side door is acting up and I refuse to crawl in through the back (it's a CR-V). So, bright and early I'll be there to see what this little item is gonna cost. I wish I'd gotten keyless entry, but 7 years ago when I bought my little cutie, I was so excited to get a new car that I didn't even think about it.

Hope you are drinking your water and tallying those calories!


  1. So funny about the vacuuming. I did the same thing yesterday. I got home from work (one of my long days, about 11 hours) and found that on of my dogs had gotten into the trash (again!). I whipped out my vacuum cleaner and power-vacced the house, hollering at my dogs to get out of my way. I don't know how many calories I burned, cause I worked so fast I was done in about 10 minutes :-)

  2. YEAH! Angry Vacuuming! I like it! RAWR.... I do the same. I wish I had a punchbag at home, but that would mean the floors would look a LOT worse.

    Water water!

    Don't beat yourself up too much on the peppermints. You kept in your calories and you are a work in progress. :) Tomorrow.. better! If you were perfect today that would make the follow up performance harder.


  3. Ah, hell, peppermints - you counted them, you are within your allowance, no worries.

    Sorry that you are pissed and I bet your carpets are too! Funny about the Anger Vacuuming! And I bet the car entry is a sight to see. I hope the repair isn't painful to the wallet.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Sorry you had such a crap day.

    But good for you for logging your Peppermint Patties. You could have done worse. Emotional eating is a hard thing to overcome for me.

  5. Ok.....never thought about the cane. CR-V.....what is it about Honda's? My 2004 Civic Sedan just last month had to get the locks fixed because of the same exact thing. And my 1992 civic hatchback has been fixed twice...once each side. It's nuts!

  6. Hey.... what have you been eating... inquiring minds want to know!

    ps - I have a CR-V too!! :)