Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have a clicker! and DDDY Challenge Update

I know most of you have been keylessly opening car doors for-like-ever, but for me it's about the most exciting thing to happen since...getting power windows :) I took my CR-V to Honda yesterday to get my locks fixed. Turns out that to replace the locks in the doors and re-key the ignition, after parts and labor it would have cost me just under $600!!! Whaaaaa? So, I asked them about installing keyless entry. The price for keyless was about half of what getting new locks cost. I couldn't believe my ears. A couple of years ago I had asked them how much going keyless was and it was like $400+. Anyway, they had to order the part, which came in today so I went back and got it installed. I now have a clicker. All afternoon I locked and unlocked. Silly, I know, but I'm thrilled! I love my CR-V and now I love her even more.

Food today got a little on the high side, carb-wise, but still came in okay for calories. Inquiring minds want to know what I'm eating, so Tamzin, here's what I had today:

Coffee with creamer  - 35 cals
Raisin Bran cereal  - 110 cals
2% milk, half cup  - 60 cals
peanuts  - 105 cals
Turkey/provolone sandwich on wheat/rye
with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes  400 cals
bag of chips (I know)  - 200
grapes  - 60 cals
3 York patties  - 150 cals
popcorn @ Honda - 55 cals
Tyson Brisket  - 140 cals
carrots  - 30 cals
Steamfresh roasted potatoes  - 140 cals
slice of sour dough bread  - 110
ginger snaps  - 140 cals

Todays grand total:  1735

Something I'm noticing about not restricting certain foods is...I feel in control. I am striving to make healthier choices, but just knowing that as long as what I eat fits into my daily total, I don't get all down on myself. Usually, I'm so busy thinking about what I can't have that I don't think about what I can have. Cool.

Hope you have an awesome day. Drink your water!!


  1. I am ALL FOR not restricting certain TYPES of foods. Just stay in the calorie range..hell, that's a hard enough thing to accomplish on some days....why make it harder? lol :)

  2. I'm glad you are having such good luck and feeling so good about this challenge! Awesomeness!

    I didn't get keyless entry until I got MalibuKen about a year ago. It really is the coolest things since power windows!

  3. I also find I do much better when I don't restrict certain foods. If I want something I have it, just a smaller amount. I feel much more sane when I eat that way.

    Glad you got keyless entry for your car. Sometimes it IS the little things that make us happy. :-)

  4. Sounds like a great day. Meh - chips. Like you said - it fits in, and you ate what calories you should for the day... and sometimes its not a crime to eat something that isn't 100% awesome for you.

    I had a mini cupcake, and made it work too. Thats the trick.. I guess. I dont really know.. I'm still FAT! HAHA :)

    Love the keyless entry! Good work!

  5. HEY!!!

    ...Inquiring mins would like to know more. :D

    OMG... did you enjoy the thunder and lightening last night. I love a good storm!

  6. I love your last line. So true.
    Chips, yum.