Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I kept saying that all week this past week. We had to go back to our regular hours at work, 8 to 4 (summer hours are 9 to 3) and the stress level was tantamount to a category 4 hurricane. We had in-services that were boring and some that were okay, but they still took up too much time. When the work is flowing in, sitting in a room and listening to business that doesn't relate to your world just adds to the stress. By nature, I'm a calm, relaxed person. But when everyone else around me is getting stressed out, I get caught up in it and then I just shut down.

One thing different about this week was how I chose to deal with the stress. I didn't eat candy or crap food. I did have a few days when sugar was calling my name so I had a sugar-free Jello Chocolate Pudding cup with a few graham crackers. Yes, some sugar and some fake junk, but it was better than going for a vat of Ben & Jerry's.

Anyway, today there was another training ride out in Brookshire, Tx. It's kinda far from my house so I would need to get up at the crack of dawn and load the bike then head out at 6 am to get there to ride with the group for a brief 14 mile ride. Nah. I think not. After my crazy week, I was not in the mood to give up my Saturday morning rest time.

So I got up at 8am and at 9 I headed to the bayou trail to ride my own training ride. It was great. A little hot and humid, but it was really a nice ride. I rode for almost 13 miles and even had a chance to go up a couple of small hill-ish sections that I'm proud to say I was able to climb. Yay!

I'm going to spend some time this weekend cleaning out my d*mn garage. That thing collects all kinds of crap and I don't have a clue where it all comes from ;)

Have a great weekend. I've missed you guys and will be playing catch-up on all the great stuff you've had going!

Where's your water? I know, it's around there somewhere. Drink up :)


  1. These seasonal time changes really do mess you around, don't they? We are fortunate not to have them here... Well done for not eating your stress! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. That pic is too funny and all too real at the same time. lol
    Good for you for handling the stress in a healthier way this week.
    Bike ride sounds like fun and congrats on the hills.
    My whole house sounds like your garage. :D
    Yes, I drank lots of water today!
    Have grrreat weekend, Tena!!!

  3. Boo for no more summer hours :(
    Seriously though, where did the summer go? I can't believe it's over all ready. Glad to hear that you slept in and got some rest. Have a great weekend

  4. You are not allowed to take a week off from blogging...I want to read your posts every day!! lol I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend. The bike ride sounds fantastic. :)

  5. Hey Tena! Thanks for the comment you left on my post. I have a little 9 lb. peekapoo. She's black and just turned 1 year old on Aug. 8th. She's my baby girl. Her name is Scarlette. :)

  6. Good luck on the garage! Congrats on your own personal training ride. And as others have said - missed you!

  7. Hi Tena,
    Water is right next to the keyboard. Ever since "meeting" you it's never too far away!
    Glad you are back and dealing with your stressors well.
    The biking sounds awesome.

  8. I left a blog award for you on my 08-18-2009 blog

  9. Missing your posts...please come back!!!! :)

  10. That was definitely the shortest summer break ever! Wasn't it? Hope the new school hours are not taking too much of a toll, and you are taking good care of yourself!

    I'm drinking my water. :-)