Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ride That Wasn't

Things at work have continued to be at break-neck speed. Now that all the faculty and staff are back and school started on Tuesday, they're a bunch of demanding folk. Which is good because busy means time flies, but bad because I seem to have lost my skill at remaining calm. I'm usually the one who stays calm, cool, and collected (in control of her feelings, etc.). But this week I just see everyone as sniveling, demanding, cry babies. When I worked in hospice, we had great stress management meetings. I need one of those right now.

Any who. This morning I felt thinner so I went to the altar (scale) and stepped on. YES! My prayers were answered, halle-lu-ya. Two more pounds are gone from my soon-to-be-svelte bod. Thanks, I needed that :D

When I got home I suited up and Nellie and I went for our ride. My daily route is a lap around the neighborhood which comes in at 1.5 miles per lap. Most days I ride for 40 minutes and comes out to about 8 miles. I made it the first lap and almost talked myself into heading home. Just wasn't feelin' it. But like a good girl, I stopped, selected my Sheryl Crow playlist, took a swig of water, and off I went.

I rode about 1/8 of a mile and POW-WHOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHH! HISSSSSSSS. What the cr*p was that? I stopped, got off the bike and sure enough, poor Nellie's back tire was flat as a pancake. I haven't had a flat since I was 14 and I'd taken my 10-speed to the gas station to air up my tires. Never, ever, do that. As soon as I rode 20 feet, the tire exploded!

Anyway, Nellie and I walked home. I think we were about a mile from home when the big bang happened. It felt like 5 miles. Now I know why I choose to ride rather than walk. The humidity was so bad it felt like I was wearing a sauna suit, you know those kind that say you'll sweat off the pounds? It was miserable. And I must be the slowest walking human alive. Seriously, I walk at a snails pace. The neighbors were sweet, they all wanted to know if I was okay or if I needed some air. Lesson learned. I need to get a spare tube and attach my little air pump and learn to change my tire. I don't want this to happen to me again.

Oh, and on top of all the sweating and turtles-pace walking, I got a blister on my foot. My feet just don't like being rubbed the wrong way, lol.

So, tomorrow, I'm off to the bike shop to get Nellie a new tube and me a lesson on changing a tire. Should be fun.

Have a super weekend. Good riding, walking, or whatever makes you happy. And don't forget to drink your water.


  1. Dang, flat tire! And why is it the hard to change back tire?

  2. Hi Tena,
    It's good this happened. Now you know...or you will know. I like it when things force me to learn something so next time I am better prepared.
    I am going camping this weekend and your post inspired me to do a little read (research) so I'll be prepared properly. I haven't been tent camping, aka no facilities, in so, SO long.
    Thanks, enjoy the tutorial! :)

  3. Sorry about your horrible bike ride...stupid tire and why did you have to go get a blister
    hope the next one is better, dont forget the extra tube a little air pump..

  4. Looks like both you and Nellie have got sore foots! Congrats on the WL and even bigger congrats on making the decision to ride, even if it did turn out rather um, flat.

    As for being the calm during the storm, let's all remember to breathe! School will start and we will survive. Breathe in, breathe out.

  5. You've got your funny on Girl!
    Even under the stress at work, flat tires, hellacious Texas heat, tired "dogs" ... you're still smiling.
    Congrats on the 2 lbs loss!

  6. I would also need lessons in repairing and changing a bicycle tyre!

  7. Oh, darn, this is a reminder to me that I need to refresh on how to repair a tyre - without my late daddy helping me!

    I think I will be carrying a spare inner tube from now on (I just know it will happen MILES from home if it were to happen to me, lol!).

    Hope you get it fixed and get out again soon.

    Oh, and Nellie is just lovely!

  8. Poor Nellie. Er, I mean, poor Tena! :)

    I invested in a foot pump with a built-in gauge. Lifesaver.