Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oops! I forgot something!

Last week I got an award and I totally dropped the ball! Shmologna over at Me vs. The Buffet, bestowed to me the One Lovely Blog Award. How sweet! Please forgive me for not getting to this sooner. I really am appreciative of the gift. It's hard for me to follow rules, ya know. And now, since I've waited sooooooo long to pass it on, most everyone I follow and adore has now been given the award. Oh, well. I'm going to pass this on and if you've already been given the award, now you have two!
Karen @ Fitcetera
Ruth @ she-fit
Andrea @ Echo of Me
Irene @ livin large
BVar @ Onmyway100
So, Shmologna, I hope you still think I'm worthy of the award. I love that you thought of my little blog as "lovely." I love reading yours and always leave with a smile. Give Linus a hug for me.


  1. Thank you! As I write this, you are at the gym with your friends and personal trainer. I hope it is a great, fun time!

  2. You're welcome...and Linus loves a hug.

  3. Say Wha!?!?! :-) Sorry I missed this, but thank you so much Tena!!

  4. I missed this too. Thanks, thoughtful.