Sunday, June 6, 2010

Low Carb - Not Low Enough?

This past week has been tough on me low-carb-wise. Lots of temptations for celebrations. I rode my bike twice to try to balance some of the extra carbs that I ate and all that I got from that was a sore backside. I've apparently pulled a muscle and now I'm walking like an 80 yr old woman (sorry, no offense to the elderly). I got on the scale this morning and I was up a couple of pounds. Maybe the sauerkraut and lite sausage had too much sodium? Whatever, 2 pounds? Oh, it's on now.

So, this week I'm going to try going even lower on my carbs. I've noticed in my food diary on MyFitnessPal that my calories have been much lower than the 1500 I'm supposed to have but my carbs have still been more than 30 most days. My body just doesn't want to give it up. I also think I need to do some strength exercise - I need more muscles!

Riding my bike twice in one week is not enough so I need to get out there and ride. We start our summer hours at work tomorrow - 9am-3pm!! That makes me extremely happy!! I want to ride in the morning - but if you know me and have been reading long, I'm not a morning person so that will be a stretch. We'll see.

Make it a good day and don't forget to drink your water.


  1. Watch out, carbs - she means business!

  2. Get lifting weights! Muscles burn more calories than fat, so the more you have, the more you burn :D

  3. I had a dr. tell me a few months ago to eat protein with carbs, the protein helps the body break down the carbs and get rid of them faster. I tried doing this and it has helped me.

  4. Boy, do I love your summer hours!
    Sorry about your backside. :(

    You know how me and carbs get along ... we don't do very well either.
    I can get away with a bowl of oatmeal a day but the rest has got to be pretty tight and tidy. Veggies and fruit are my main carbs.

    I wish I could wave a magic wand, Tena. I really do.

  5. I'm a big fan of strength training, mainly because my body *requires* full calories in order to let go of the weight. When I was in losing mode that was around 1700-1900/day, which is a lot of food if you're eating healthy foods. :)

  6. Here's a great recipe for Low Carb Bread

  7. Me staying under 1500 cals right now would be an amazing feat all by itself, but I like sandwiches too much to count carbs, lol. :)