Monday, June 21, 2010

Yep, it's Summer alright.

Today is the first day of Summer. Really? I think in Texas, the first day of Summer is more like the whole month of June, not just one day. It's been hot. Very hot, for the last few days. I went for a ride last night and it was 91 degrees at 7:30pm. Still, it was a nice evening for a ride.

Saturday, I had some errands to run and while I was out I thought I'd stop at Smoothie King and get a low-carb smoothie. So, I go in and the guy greets me with a nice hello and can I help you. I tell him I'd like whatever he has that's low, low carb. Zip carb, to be exact. Well, Mr. Smartee Pants practically rolls his eyes and says "well the carbs you'll get from fruit are good carbs. Carbs your body needs." So, I said, but I don't want any carbs today, what can you make me? And again, he gives me attitude. Says "I can make you something with just powder and water but it won't taste as good as something else I have in mind." Really? So I said, guess you don't have what I want, so forget it. There was a look of shock on his innocent little face just before I turned to walk out. I mean, I knew what I wanted and he just wasn't interested in making it. I drink a plain vanilla protein shake every day and I Like It. Was Mr. Smartee Pants trying to impress me with his nutritional knowledge? Well, I was not impressed.

Saw this cute sign while out running errands. I love it!

Right after I left there, my mom called and wanted to go to Luby's (a cafeteria style place) so I headed over to meet her. I had some delicious roast turkey and some cabbage. After we ate, we went to a little place called tasti D lite. I'd never been and was feeling like I wanted a little treat. They offer a guilt-free frozen treat that range in calories from 70 to 100 with an average carb count of 12. It's a cute little place and the treat was just enough to satisfy. I had the maple flavor. Yumm.

The low carb thing is going great. I lost 2.2 lbs this week - Yay! Rode a total of 39 miles for the week and got in two workouts in the weight room. Finally, something has clicked and I'm determined to get fit and live well. 

Make it a great week and don't forget to drink your water. Ride if you can.


  1. We are still waiting for a little heat here in the PNW. I think the high today was about 65. Summer...what summer????

    Wow, on the low-carb weight loss. 2.2 lbs is amazing. And your bike rides and work outs. Again, wow.

    You are gonna do it this time.

  2. This will be my second attempt at a comment. Evidently I haven't had enough coffee and I just kind of wander off mid

    Oh, yea, I was attempting to leave a comment. Way to go on your week. That's awesome. And way to go with the Smoothie King Poser. Sheesh.

  3. Glad to hear you're clicking along, Tena! And I appreciated the reference to Luby's ... I've spent a fair amount of time in Texas (my mom's home state) and have eaten in many Luby's). Stay cool.

  4. You sure did sheesh that Mister Smarty Pants for sure!
    I am soooo happy for you!

  5. You go! I hate going to get my protein powders because there is always some anoying a$$hole telling me that what I have isnt "this" enougha nd I should get X because of bla bla bla...

    Good for you for walking out! :)

    Love the sign!!!

  6. What a smart ass! I'm glad you didn't buy from the snob. Ugh!
    WTG on 2.2 lbs. Nice!
    And I feel ya on the heat. I love Texas, but Lord summer just about kills me!

  7. Great job on the loss!

    I love that billboard, too :D

  8. This sounds like the Tena I love!


    I love the words in the photos...Awesome.