Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'Salways Sumpthin'

Isn't it funny how when you try to stick to your diet, all kinds of things seem to come along to knock you off your game. We had our end of school year party Tuesday night at the zoo. It was hot. I mean HOT. The thing started at 4 but I didn't get there until after 5pm. The food was what you'd expect - hot dogs and burgers, potato salad, beans, and booze (if you wanted it). I'm not much of a drinker these days and since I drove myself, I decided to stick with water. I ate no bun and no potato salad. It was so hot that eating was really not worth it.

After the fan fare, some of us walked around the zoo. Saw the brand spanking new baby elephant - Baylor! Soooo cute! It ran around (only 3 weeks old) playing like a 3 year old. I've never seen a baby elephant playing and running like that! The sweating was worth getting to watch it! I've got pictures that I'll post along with pictures of the giraffes and a cheetah. Too tired tonight :( Enjoy this for now:

Today at work we had our end of the year parents appreciation luncheon. Seriously, enough with the end-o-year stuff! We had BBQ from Goode Co. So dang good. I passed up the jalepeno bread but couldn't pass up the pecan pie. I knew I'd get home and ride my bike, and I did, so I don't feel too guilty. They have the best pecan pie, really.

The thing I'm finally learning about this diet thing is this - there's always going to be temptation - we just have to have a plan in place so when something comes along to try and knock us off our game, we execute the plan and move on. My plan today was choose one treat, exercise to minimize the damage, and for the rest of the day eat low carb. I did exactly that and I'm movin' on. But that's it for the rest of the week, heh.

Have a great day and take care! Are you drinking enough water?


  1. Hi Tena,
    Sounds like you did good to me! I can not stop eating these last two days...It's terrible.
    I am planning a ride for tomorrow...I'm anxious of the traffic but I think I've figured out an area...
    Hope you have a good "rest of the week"...

  2. I know that phase - transitional noise... that's all....

    Like in Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy, we learn
    what works, and what doesn't work...and it's not
    always as easy as what we like, or love, or even want.

    One of Pavlov's dogs (or even Baby Baylor) can be conditioned
    to respond differently to any can we!

    I like how you are patient with yourself, and gentle.
    Excellent week, I'd say!

  3. Awww that baby elephant is so sweet!! The way it paddles around like a little child :D

    Oh and congratulations on sticking to your guns regarding the food. The more you do it the harder it gets to self sabotage. Well done :)

  4. You sound really good and at peace with your decisions. Awesome stuff!

  5. It is amazing how much we can modify our lifestyles in diffrent situations! Way to go on your eating and working out!

  6. ps that baby in the pool is THE cutest thing!
    Did you love it when he skidded and fell on his little knees?
    Kiss the baby!

  7. Since we've been at the beach, I haven't drunk any water at all. So thanks for the reminder! :) The water here is so bad, smells like sulfur, so we bought 2 gallons of water at the store. I promise to drink a lot today. Plus we've been eating such salty stuff...

    What a darling baby elephant! I love baby animals.

    The end-of-the-year stuff will be over soon. In spite of all the celebrations, it sounds to me like you are doing well...making good choices, but not being too rigid. I couldn't have passed up the pecan pie either!