Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rain? Meh.

Why do older people have to talk about body functions and boo-boos? My mom (she's 76) is always talking about things I'd rather not hear about, like how many times she's pooped in a day or not pooped, whichever the case may be. Today she decided I needed to know about some bug bite or whatever, that she discovered and how she had to handle it (I'll spare you the details) and then wanted me to look at it. Gross. I thought after my son grew up I wouldn't have to look at any more boo-boos. Ah, well, she's a spark in the daily gases, what can I say!

Anyway, Tuesdays are my riding days and after I got home from work I took off. I knew there were clouds overhead, but they looked tame and lately they've been crying wolf...a lot. So, six miles into my ride, it starts to rain a little and I kept riding a bit. It's hard to see when rain spatters on your glasses, though, so I headed home. About the time I got home, I heard some thunder and saw a little lightening so that was that. Would you like to know it barely sprinkled at my house. But lightening is not something to play with, so I think I made the right choice even if my ride was cut short today.

I took my car to get it inspected today. I had already been told by the dealership that I needed some oxygen blah-blah-thingy and it would have to be replaced for it to pass the emissions test. I decided to get a second opinion and even though the diagnosis was the same, the price was better and I got a discount because a lot of people from work take their cars there. Awesome! Now my little bugger is all fixed up, sticker in place and  the engine light is no longer on. Yay!

Training my replacement at work is going okay. I'm still nervous about my new position but I'm staying positive and only have a small crick in my neck :) Change is just so, so...unexpected sometimes.

Take care and don't forget to drink your water.


  1. Yay for good car repair deals! Honest to goodness, this one time I had to break up with my mechanic and I think I was more upset about that than when breaking up with a boyfriend. Good trustworthy mechanics are hard to find!

    I ended up riding in the rain last night, too. No lightening here - you made the right call in getting away from that. Damp we can handle. Dead is not too much fun.

    Happy Wednesday! And I'll have to go back and read about the new position - I've somehow missed that...congratulations and good luck.

  2. Hey, Roxie, I made a brief mention of my job changing a couple of weeks ago. Not a promotion, per say, just a change in departments. But I'm getting rid of the school calendar - hooray!

  3. A change is as good as a rest?! Is it? I hope it is good for you whatever the benefit...
    Mothers (as in one's with young babes...), Old People and the Uncouth...It seems the bodily function conversation follows me wherever I go... :( Sadly. I would love for a day to go by with no mention of such, or of pain/hurts/boo boos...*whine* *whinge* *complain* lol
    (Thanks for the supportive comment Tena. It helps a lot!)

  4. Hey, I'm old. I'm going to email you when I write about bodily functions and wounds. ;-)

  5. Check the date
    Love your state!

    About the poo -
    I have a nurse friend who calls these days
    the colonic of life!
    Sounds like a title for a blog!

  6. UHOH methinks Im officially old :)

    MizFit, whos been known to lament more than a few things