Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just a quick post as it's late and I'm already behind on sleep. This little guy got caught in the trap that the wildlife wrangler dude put in my attic a week ago. I'd heard a lot of movement up there which drives Sydney crazy and then I get no sleep. So Tuesday wrangler dude came out and put some sardines in the trap since, clearly, the nuts were not of interest to this critter.

Around 3:30 am I heard a lot of commotion and noise and that sent Sydney (the Brave) into a frenzy. I went up the attic stairs and was eye to eye with a raccoon. He kinda snorted at me and huffed and puffed and was cute as can be. I stayed up and then went to work, called the wrangler dude and he met me at the house to pick up the critter and take  him to a better place. We have another trap set in case there is mate. I just hope if they were a couple, they end up back together.

I'm low-carbing it this week and while visions of bread and sugary things are dancing around in my head, I feel strongly that I can say no to the white stuff and mean it.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Put that bread in a trap and release it into the wild!
    You sound determined, Tena!

  2. I'm glad your blogger instincts were up and running at 3:30 am so you could catch that photo. What a cutie. Hopefully he'll be happier in his new place (we know you will be!).

  3. We've got humane traps in our attic right now waiting to catch ... something. Maybe raccoons, maybe squirrels. I hope we get as lucky as you and catch them.

  4. It's almost too bad that they cause so much issues because I would love to have one as a pet. It is so cute!

    I've been low-carb for a few weeks now and I honestly hardly miss it. Except for maybe fresh baked cookies... Keep it up!

  5. Aw, he's so cute. but not something you want in your house!

  6. Poor fellow! My dad caught one and took him off to the woods. When he opened the cage, the raccoon ran about 20 yards away and then turned and stood up on his back legs. Dad said it looked like he was saying, "Thanks for the ride!" :)

  7. We caught one o hem last yeraround out house as well. An like 50 posums!! *shiver they are as ugly as racoons are cute.

    Be sure to keep your pooch away from the next one you cach though - they are the main carriers of rabies in urban wildlife.

    Don't want you doggie getting sick.