Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Blog Title ?

I'm thinking of changing the title of my blog to "She Craves." (see it up there?) What do you think?

I still want to "shrink." But I want my "craves" to be less about food and more about what gives me joy.

I don't know, already I'm not sure if I'll miss my old title too much.


  1. I like it. And great work on the low carb and banishing those 6lbs!!

    I ate cake today. ARRRRGGGGG

    walking is in the plans for tonight. And avoiding the office kitchen for the rest of the day.


  2. I think it is appropriate and I like it! :-D

  3. Sometimes change is good. But I always thought Shrink to Fit was very creative.

  4. Great name, Was it Me Thinner before? Do you no longer want to be thin?

  5. I think its a great name. I liked your old one but this one has more of a positive tone to it.

  6. I changed my blog name when I wanted to be more true to who I am and what I am trying to do with my life. I'm very glad I changed it.

    I like both names, you just need to do what feels right for you.

  7. I loved Shrink To Fit
    Ever since I first saw it.
    There are some awesome titles out there....
    I'm a little jealous!

  8. I like She Craves but if you aren't sure (seems that you aren't) now's not the time for a change.

    I crave too!