Monday, January 3, 2011

Making Plans for 2011

Thank you all for the wonderful comments/compliments on my new 'do. It was so nice of you and it made me feel great! I'm still adjusting to the newness of it. I washed it and it seemed to fluff up a lot. I used the blow drier with the diffuser attachment but I think next time I'll let it air dry. It may just be that I need to train it and it needs to train me, lol.

Today (Monday) was the first day back to work after a two week break. Sunday night I could not get to sleep. While I was off work I stayed up very late (which I love) so going to bed at 10pm seemed like punishment. I am going to work on making getting to bed early a habit this year. Since I'm older, not getting enough sleep is much harder on me. And, if I go to bed earlier that means less chance of late night snacking! Yay!

I keep trying to make a profound post on what my plans are for this year. Apparently, my attention span is somewhat like that of a gnat lately so thinking about this has my mind in a twist. I know my goal for this year is to continue to shape my life around a more fit lifestyle. Losing weight and becoming more active is the key combination to get that goal met. But another goal I have for this year is simply to find joy. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time just doing what is expected of me: going to work, taking care of responsibilities, being there for others. I need some "me" time and for some reason that is a difficult concept for me.

So, I'm working on a list of things like: take an art class or photography class, take a dance class, go the the museum once a month, go see a movie (by myself), etc. I need to get out of this rut I've made for myself. Already, I feel anxious excited about it.

For years now I have told myself that when I lose all my weight, then I'll get out there and do things. Well, life is passing me by and who knows, maybe if I get out there more, I will be more motivated to get the weight off.

No more excuses. Make things happen.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. More joy. Sounds good to me. A low-sodium V-8 toast to you!

  2. I dunno, Tena.
    Gnats can be pretty determined
    to get what they want!

    "Hair today- gone tomorrow!"
    I think good things are lining up for you!

  3. and shaping your life around a more fit lifestyle is a HUGE and ARTICULATE GOAL :)
    post complete.


  4. I suspect that finding more joy will contribute bunches toward your more fit lifestyle. It did for me!

    Have you read 'The Joy Diet' by my BFF (if we ever met) Martha Beck? Wonderful book to get started on the joy seeking!

  5. Joy is a great thing to aspire to! I feel like I am so focused on the darn healthy living thing to the exclusion of everything else. Thanks for the reminder. BTW - LOVE the short hair on you!!!

  6. I jsut saw your new do. LOVE it. It looks great on you. A very nice style.

    To answer your question on my blog, I use Sparkpeople for logging my food. Bodybugg web site can be fickle with food entry. Sparkpeople users often share their entries so I don't have to retype the nutritional info for something like my carbcheck bagels or anything like that. :)

    Maybe finding "me time" can go hand in hand with the goal of fitness. You love biking. That's a fun me time.

    Yep, life goes by quickly. TOO quickly. No sense in waiting. Have fun every day, right? :)