Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New 'Do

I know I've mentioned before that I've been growing my hair to donate to Locks of Love. I started letting it grow about a year and a half ago and last Thursday I decided it was long enough. It was getting to be a hassle to take care of and my style was reduced to one look: a ponytail twisted up in the back and held firm with my hair-thingy from 1970, lol.

I mean, I love long hair, but letting it all be one length (for donation purposes) wasn't all that flattering on my 50+ face.

When I was a kiddo, I had very straight hair. My mom wasn't pleased with it and so began the years of perms and curlers, etc. I was a tender-headed tot and so it was always a tearful event. I think that's why, even to this day, I feel the drama coming on when I need a haircut.

A little hair history!

Me with a perm. I don't believe it was my first either!

And more curls! Long and short versions.

Then, as I got older, no more perms.

(Then there was the whole "blonde bombshell" era. But that will have to be another day!)

Anyway, back to the new 'do. So, I went to get my haircut on Thursday. The first salon I went to, the stylist barely spoke English and had never heard of Locks of Love. Now, I know they don't need to do anything special about cutting my hair except that it needs to be at least 10" in length and cut in a ponytail. But I got too nervous trying to explain this to someone who didn't understand I left. On to salon #2. It was a Supercuts, they said they don't do cuts for Locks of Love at that location. What? It's a haircut for crying out loud. So, they referred me to the Supercuts that I used to go to and that made me happy. I got there, the stylist was awesome! Her name is Afelia (probably not spelling it correctly) and she knew exactly what to do. It was kind of a neat connection, too. Her nephew is going through chemo right now and that gave us something to talk about. She divided up my hair into four ponytails and a few snips later, it was all done.

Here's the before:

Here's the after:

And here's what's going to Locks of Love:

I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been. It's an adjustment, but I think I really like it. Very easy to style, just scrunch and go! And it was for a very good cause, so that makes it worth it.

The rest of today will be spent planning for the week. I'm going back to low carb. It's what works and I am ready to focus on getting myself healthy this year. I'm working on my list of goals for this year. A big goal is to be more creative. Get the pencils to the paper, so to speak. 

Hope your Sunday is a just what you need. It's sunny here today in H-town and cool and crisp! Perfect.


  1. Your new style looks amazing on you!!

  2. Enjoyed the pics, and WOW your new cut is very flattering and stylish!!

  3. You look lighter & happier! It feels good to give. :)

  4. Your hair is so pretty, what a nice gift for someone!
    I love your new "do"! Very flattering!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments yesterday!

    To answer your questions; the online photography classes I've taken have been fun and I have learned quite a bit from them. You should join me in Picture Winter! I don't know of a referral code but thanks for the thought!

    I have a Cannon Rebel and use the kit lens a lot. I also use a regular 50mm lens and would give my first born child for a 100mm macro lens! (well, not really trade a kid for one but I really, really want that lens!)

  6. Darling haircut! It is very flattering. And for a great cause, too. Win-win.

  7. This is my favourite post ever Tena!
    I LOVE the new do. You have found the look. It takes years off and shows your beautiful face {and enviable jaw line}....
    Do you feel wonderful?
    You look it.

    I love the history...You've always been so gorgeous! Looking forward to the blond history! :)

    Happy New Year my Friend!

  8. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  9. Love your new hairdo!! So awesome to donate to such a wonderful cause. Love it!

  10. First of all THANKS SO MUCH for the comment on my blog last night. It really made me feel better!

    Your haircut looks amazzzzzzing! It is very flattering.I love the reasoning behind it as well, but I'm thinking this should be your new 'do. You look beautiful :)

  11. An awesome way to start the new year!

  12. First of all, Locks of Love is a fantastic idea/organization. Secondly, your new hairstyle is very cute. I went through chemo and lost all my hair so I'm all for giving away hair. And once I lost my hair, I never went back to long hair. We look fabulous! (love the hair history too. Love those old photos (mine are all old as well).
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  13. Love love love the haircut!! It really suits you.

  14. FAB - YOU - LOUS!! Love the haircut. I need one too. However, I think I have about 3 more inches to grow before I can donate.

    How.. you have such thick awesome Hair! Gorgeous! :)

  15. Holy crap I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new 'do!! It suits you perfectly!! I've never had a haircut suit me that perfectly!! I bet you feel FABULOUS!! :)

  16. Tena, what a selfless thing to do something like that. And what a difference a haircut makes, huh? Your hair was gorgeous long, but with this cut you look like 'a mover and a shaker' as my mother used to say (I don't know what that means, but it is supposed to be a compliment! lol)
    Very becoming on you, to say the least :)