Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gainage Gone - HYC Check-In

Well, you were right, Katschi, those 3 lbs were an illusion! (I love how you phrased that, it made me feel less threatened!) I've lost those 3 plus one more, yay! I've almost lost 20 lbs. C'mon body, you can do it!

Lately, I've been craving lemons. I made some Crystal Light Lemonade the other day, but I added some real lemon juice and a dash of salt in my glass. It reminded me of all the summers my friend, Sharon, and I would eat lemons with salt! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Of course, it helped wear down the enamel on my teeth but we didn't know any better back then.

I think I'll make some lemon chicken tonight. Yummmm!


  1. YAY! Well done on the weight loss.

    I love real lemonade - the crystal light doesn't do it for me, but it's better than nothing. I used to love eating lemons too.

  2. Kudos on the weight loss! I do the same thing with my crystal light, but I do miss the real thing! Hope you're better from your fall. Feel free to ask me about NYC if you haven't been here before!

  3. Lemons/summertime=:)
    I recently added crystal light to my plain yogurt mmmm....
    Congrats on saying goodbye to those 3 lbs ;)

  4. Yeah!!! I knew it couldn't last!
    Your post made me pucker up :)
    I love the crystal light lemon-lime flavour. I've never even thought of adding extra lemon -- what a great idea!

  5. I am so excited FOR you!! Uppers can definitely be downers in this arena. By the way, lemon chicken sounds great!