Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HYC Check-in

Well, after a strict first week on Phase I of SBD I've made a major jump in the weight-loss game. Seven pounds! I know better than to get my hopes up for another week like that but it sure gets me motivated to keep at it. I retain a lot of fluids all the time when I eat breads and grains so I'm guessing a lot of my loss is water, but hey, it's gone now and I don't care whether it was fat or water!

I've been riding my bike and think that was key for losing this week, too. My neighborhood is a nice place to ride. I don't know a lot of my neighbors but we always wave and speak. A couple a few blocks over are expecting their second baby but I wouldn't have known it if I didn't ride past them while they were walking their dogs. Most of the time everybody is busy coming and going but in the evening it's like social hour for the walkers, joggers, and bikers.

This weekend I plan on making some deviled eggs and coleslaw with Kaylyn's dressing to go with some kind of meat. Maybe hamburgers without the bun. Hope everyone is well and happy -- no matter what the scale says!


  1. Wow, seven pounds is a big jump! That would definitely motivate me! Keep making healthy choices. :-)
    Path to Health

  2. Way to go!
    That's a huge loss for 1 week & yes, very motivating.