Friday, July 4, 2008

This is what happens when a fat woman falls!

So yesterday I took a big mailing for work to the post office. Eight buckets to be exact. I knew we needed some empty buckets since we used up all the buckets for this mailing so I walked up the two little steps of the post office dock, grabbed a stack of empty buckets, turned to go down the two little steps and--slipping on the last little step--fell on my ankle first then my wrist and finally my big butt!

Oh, the pain! All I could think was "I'm going to NYC in a few weeks-please don't let anything break!" Several hours later the doc said nothing was broken, just a sprained ankle and bruised wrist (and I already knew I had a bruised butt so I didn't even mention that to him). I am really glad that is all the damage I did. This is the second time I have fallen in the last 6 months. Is this some kind of new trend for me? In the past I have always been able to catch myself and trip gracefully, but never fall. My core really needs work!

After I left the docs office I stopped by a BBQ place and hobbled in to get some chopped beef and sliced links. I was really craving fatty beef I guess. Anyway, when I got home I scarfed down some of both along with 2 slices of light whole wheat bread. Later I soothed myself with 2 (count 'em) Slim-a-Bear fudge pops. I think I got a little out of control. This morning I weighed 3 lbs heavier than yesterday. Now I know I didn't eat that much BBQ so I'm guessing that is water gain. It still sucks though!

So today I'm back on the Beach and sticking to Phase I! Hope everyone is well and enjoying their 4th! Eat well and be safe!


  1. Ouch! I'm happy for you that you didn't break anything.
    I just fractured a bone in my foot by stepping on a stone & landing on my ankle. Stupid.
    Your splurge sounds delish :)
    I wouldn't sweat it though & the 3 lbs is an illusion :)
    Do you like doing the Beach?

  2. How are you finding south beach. I did great on the first two weeks but when it came time to introduce a few carbs it flew out the window!
    How is your ankle?