Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter!

When I was little, I remember hunting eggs and eating lots of candy on Easter Sunday after church. My family would all get together and we'd hide eggs over and over then divide them up equally so no one had an empty basket. It was fun times. When I became a parent, I celebrated Easter the same with my kiddo and my cousins kids.

The kids are all grown up now and I'm thankful for the family memories. Even though none of us are close now (thanks to the crappy drama that some folks love to create) it is nice to remember Easter as a happy time.

If you celebrate Easter, or even if you don't, I pray your heart is filled with happiness and your days with blessings. Enjoy the long weekend. Look for signs of new life in the trees and flowers around you. Spring time brings with it hope and new beginnings.


  1. This year Easter falls on our anniversary.

    Nice post, Tena

    ~ Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring ~

  2. What a lovely post and I too have fond memories of Easter's past.

    We have had an unusually sunny holiday this year over here in Scotland, so yes, we have certainly been enjoying the spring feeling.

    Enjoy your holiday too!